10 Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

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If you’re a bit of a glutton for extravagance, you may be wondering what the ten most expensive smartphones in the world are; phones you could likely only dream of ever holding. While mobile phones are quite expensive, there’s virtually no one that would deny being able to imagine their daily life without some of these smart babies. These little gadgets have become part of our life, and the amount of solutions they provide increases every month.Yet if they cost as much as the most expensive smartphones in the world listed here, we suspect people would survive without.

Still, mobile phones keep us connected, allow us to work, and of course they entertain us with their different applications and services. Yet while the technology involved in their production becomes more complex, mobile phones’ prices also tend to rise. And in some cases, they have reached quite some awesome figures. We have already compiled a list featuring the 10 most expensive mobile phones in the market, like the Nokia Arte 8800, designed by Peter Aloisson, entirely made out of 18k white gold, worth about $134,000.

Well this time we have gathered a list featuring the most expensive smartphones in the world –yes, we say “the world” as these luxury smartphones are definitely out of the market and any regular shopper’s reach. Every smartphone involves high technology, and is usually a rather expensive device. Some indeed have lower prices than others, depending on their features, specifications and functions, as well as their design and brand. Nevertheless, all smartphones fall behind in terms of prices when checking out some of the luxury designers’ high-end smartphones.

Of course, most of them are adaptations on the most expensive smartphones in the market, such as the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhones. If you never thought a mobile device could cost more than a Beverly Hills mansion, well check out these designer luxury smartphones and prepare yourself to be blown away by their shocking prices.


No. 10 Apple iPhone 4 History Edition – $70,000

Designer Stuart Hughes made quite an extravagant creation with this iPhone 4. This smartphone is not encrusted in gold and diamonds, but rather comes with a rare artifact embedded inside. This phone is made of a 65-million-year-old authentic Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and meteoric stone. 

No. 9 Savelli Jarden Secret – $120,000

This Android device is called Black Insane, and comes with 75 baguette-cut white diamonds, black alligator leather, and buttons that are finished in white gold.

No. 8 Ulysse Nardin Chairman Collection – $130,000

Watchmaker Ulysse Nardin Chairman designed this $130,000 smartphone, covered in more than 3,000 hand cut diamonds. This is his most expensive and luxurious creation.

No. 7 Stuart Hughes Nokia Supreme – $170,000

Designer Stuart Hughes is always pushing boundaries with his luxury iPhone designs. He has perfected his technique and has developed a hand-made luxury Nokia Supreme phone that’s encrusted with 12.5 carats worth of pink diamonds.

No. 6 iPhone Princess Plus – $176,400

This is an Apple iPhone mobile phone designed by famous designer Peter Aloisson. The whole body is covered in solid gold, with 138 princess cut diamonds, and 180 brilliant cut diamonds with a weight of 16.50 – 17.75.

The five most expensive smartphones in the world can be found on the following pages. We hope you have a big limit on your credit card.

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