5 Most Hated Cell Phone Companies in the World

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We love our smartphones but our post on 5 most hated cell phone companies in the world is going to reveal some well-known companies and their phone models that are the most hated amongst users. Whether we admit it or not, we are one big smartphone civilization. We like to do everything on our phones – from taking pictures, using a calculator, watching videos to browsing the Internet for recipes, everything! In short it is hard for people to survive without their smartphones.

With such a demand the competition between the cell phone manufacturers is at a record high. Who doesn’t know about the rivalry between Samsung and Apple? These two companies, however, are not on our list currently. With such extreme competition it is hard to stay on top and it is necessary to keep on innovating. It is also a fact that when it comes to innovating most of the attempts end up failing.

Most Hated Cell Phone Companies In The World


The companies that we are going to discuss here have either fallen short of innovation or missed a major trend…and, as a result, have pushed their users away. What is good about these companies is the fact that they are still in the game, hanging on there and not giving up.

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