5 Most Expensive Coffees in the World

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Declare your love for coffee by challenging yourself to drink the most expensive coffees in the world. Did you know that a $1,500/pound coffee exists? Just wow, but how could that happen? Let’s all find out how did that happen.

There are many ways to drink the miraculous beverage (at least for me and some people) called the coffee. As well as the reasons why we chose to drink coffee over wine or hot milk or tea. Coffee is great. It keeps us alert at times of depression, and increases the cortisol rates in our body. Coffee is magical. And saying this is not really exaggerating. It keeps our temper cool and most of the time, it builds up our attitude for the day. For me, it’s my magical drink in a mug. I personally love coffee. Oh wait, who doesn’t?



Goats go crazy over coffee, and so do we! The health benefits of coffee range from saving you from cirrhosis to giving you much longer time to live (so you can drink more coffee). Moreover, drinking coffee regularly keeps you away from Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, and other memory-related deficiencies. In general, coffee makes us much happier by increasing our energy level whenever we inject it in our system.

Coffee products are embraced truly by the global market. We buy coffee and drink it every day. There’s coffee soap. Coffee cake. Coffee candy bars. Coffee-scented candles. And there’s even a coffee spa in Japan! It’s surprising how we thought of a way to transform coffee beans into daily products we use at home. We have a surprise for coffee lovers like you. Today, we’ll give you the ultimate coffee bucket list by giving you the list of the most expensive coffee in the world!

How many cup of coffees can you consume in a day? Two? Three? Six cups? Voltaire, the French philosopher, drank 50 cups of coffee a day; and we have the list of the 11 countries that consume the most coffee in the world. Is USA on the list? Go ahead and check it out!

So, here’s the 5 most expensive coffees in the world!

Cost: $40 per Pound

Rated as the 2nd best coffee in the world in 2006, the Los Planes Coffee boasts a unique way of bean processing. The inimitable process makes their coffee more appealing. The Los Planes Coffee has been the gate of the Chalatenango region in El Salvador in breaking a world record. Now, the country itself is known as one of the greatest producers of coffee in the world.


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