5 Highest Paying Summer Jobs for Teens

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Update: We published an updated and extended version here: 16 Highest Paying Summer Jobs For Teens.

The summer break is right around the corner and doesn’t that make you wonder what are the 5 highest paying summer jobs for teens? Summer jobs are not only a great way to spend your leisure time but for teens it is also a great opportunity to get some first-hand experience of the work life. It can give them an insight into job life and its dynamics and also inculcate some good work values like punctuality, professionalism, time management and team work. These are priceless principles and experience is the only way teenagers learn to build them. There is really no alternative to experience.

Summers tend to get long, with the days getting too hot to actually go out, and the beach may be too far and not an everyday option. Getting a summer job is a great idea for both students and teachers, as the school holidays span over months. The 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers is a great list for teachers to check out how they can make the most of their time off from teaching and school work and a little extra income doesn’t hurt.


For the teenagers also there are the obvious perks of earning their own money and getting to spend it on that bike that they had been eyeing for so long or getting to spend without a worry when the trip to the beach finally happens. Well, the feeling of independence is unbeatable. But, it also teaches you how to be responsible with your money from a young age and that is irreplaceable. Since gaining experience is a lifetime process it is always good to start early.

However, sometimes you might end up spending your precious study time on a job that pays you in peanuts, and that can leave a sour taste in the mouths of teenagers. It is, therefore, recommended to do your research wisely and choose the one that not only line with future career choices and also among the highest paying summer jobs for teens.

But apart from everything else, summer jobs are fun too, and it is all about doing something meaningful in the otherwise idle time. So let’s look at what are the 5 highest paying summer jobs for teens that teenagers can try their hand at:

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