5 Best Instruments for a Child to Learn First

So you want to know about the best instruments for a child to learn first? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, I would like to give you advice. It is up to you to take it or disregard it. Don’t push your child into learning an instrument he/she doesn’t want to learn. I’ve witnessed many people burning out because of the pressure and they grew up hating the instrument their parents wanted them to play. Yes, they ended up being amazing musicians, but they never did play the instrument with joy. However, you should encourage your kids to play music. I wish my parents encouraged me when I was younger; maybe I would have been a better guitar player than I am now. The point is, pay attention to your child’s wishes and try to make the instrument choice mutually.

5 Best Instruments for a Child to Learn First

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If your child doesn’t have preferences, then you are off the hook but you still should take everything into consideration. There is a financial side to it. You can’t expect your child to be a good piano player if he/she doesn’t have a piano to practice on. Renting is expensive but so is buying one. Also, piano learning does require private lessons. Will you be able to handle the financial pressure?  One more important thing is that you have to adjust the instrument to your child’s age and size. A 3-year-old can’t even hold a guitar, let alone play it. Smaller instruments like violin or flute are ideal for a younger age. If you ask me, drums would be perfect, since all little kids like to bang stuff. You’ll just have to get some earplugs and deal with angry neighbors. If you have ambitions for your kid to play in a school band, then take a look at our list of 10 Easiest Elementary School Band Instruments to Play.

For our list of best instruments for a child to learn first, we decided to take recommendations from both professionals and internet users over at Music Australia, Music Time Academy, PBS and Quora among others. The instruments that were most recommended in terms of being easy to learn by kids and as a first instrument entered our list of best instruments for a child to learn first. Let’s take a look.