5 Best Child Tracking Apps and Devices For Anxious Parents

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Once you become a parent all you want is to know that your child is safe no matter what, even if that includes using some of the best child tracking apps and devices designed for anxious parents. While protecting them is quite easy in the first few months, this becomes more and more difficult as time goes on. First they start crawling and toddling, bumping into things, and then they start walking, and they may sometimes take a fall that will make their screams be heard in the entire neighborhood.

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But safety inside the home is one thing while safety in the outside world is a different thing altogether. As soon as your child starts socializing with other children at the park there are a lot of new risks arising. What if your child ventures of and is lost? What if your child is lured away by some individual? There are many dangers that no parent really wants to think about.

Then, as your kid grows, he or she will want to venture off without you, whether by necessity, such as going to school, or by desire, such as spending some time with their friends. Should we even mention the teenage years when “independence” is the only thing on their minds? Of course not, because it comes with the territory. The truth of the matter is, however, the fact that parents will always worry about their child’s safety and that’s only natural.

Thankfully, however, this is the digital era. That means that there are easy ways to keep track of the kid’s location by using mobile apps or devices. While some will call this paranoid, others will completely understand and ask for more details. All these apps and tools are quite useful to have around and it’s a good thing they’re not on the list of the 7 most expensive useful Android apps of the year, since most of them are free to use, with additional features locked under a Premium account.

You’ll find here five apps and five devices that will make your life easier. We’ve searched high and low for a few apps that will serve your needs, whether those are keeping track of your child’s location or also being able to contact them. As for the devices, we’ve included some that are more sophisticated, allowing you to call your child, but also some that are quite low cost and enable you to know the physical location of those you’re tracking.

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