5 Best Boarding Schools in California

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Want to find out the best boarding school in California? A boarding school is a place where students live in and study at the same time. It’s a new community away from home where you can meet new people that can turn into your new bunch of crazy friends. If you’re living in California, you might want to check out the best boarding school in the state!

Why do parents send their child to a boarding school, anyway? There are many reasons why. First, children will learn the pros and cons of standing on their own. Independence has many perks. Aside from being exempted in doing household chores back home, you’ll have endless ‘party Fridays’. At least that’s what they want us to see in the movies. And, of course, we’re only kidding. Moving on, a teenager being enrolled in a boarding school is going to be taught to get along with fellow students. Also, they will be trained how to face responsibility. Most boarding schools in California have the best teachers with experience and degree in polishing your offspring’s logical and academic skills.

Studying in the best boarding school in California has its perks. Children will have more favorable time studying and learning because of the smaller classes they have. Teachers can focus more on them while the students can participate more as well. Students will have the benefit of enjoying the good learning environment and the best educational facilities the boarding school offers.

Boarding schools present to the society more productive, mentally and physically fit students for the betterment of the future. They produce smarter, neat and well turned-out students because these children want to learn and be prepared when they go to college to be successful.



Other benefits of staying in the best boarding school are: Libraries and the media centers of boarding schools are better than of other colleges because they are more advanced and equipped with the latest and high technology. They have astounding sports facilities for sports like hockey, squash, equestrian facilities, and even support to send their varsity team to compete in regional and global. Aside from these, the best boarding school offers impressive art and skill facilities and programs to hone the artistic side of every student.

Boarding school has its disadvantages too. Bullying doesn’t stop inside the classroom, it continues even in the boarding house. There will be issues of facing nasty and mean people and what is even worse sometimes you will be getting in the same room with them.  Apart from this, homesickness could get into you, missing your family and friends, your bed, and your favorite pillow or even your furry dog. But then, think of the brighter side of a story instead – graduating from a boarding school will help you to get a better life.

For parents who have the money to get their child in a boarding school, check out the 5 best boarding schools in California listed below for your reference. You might want to check out also our article about the 7 best boarding schools in America if you are outside of California.

Prior to that, choose the best boarding school by checking the cost of attendance to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Do a research on the boarding school’s quality of teaching and the characteristics of its faculties. Check the type of school – if it is for all-boys, all-girls, or both. Verify the class size, acceptance rate and other additional activities they offer like sports, arts, and other extracurricular activities.

The 5 Best Boarding Schools in California are listed here caters to Grade 9th to 12th; Secondary Level and the school gender are Co-eds:

5. The Thacher School

Location: Ojai, California
The school has 220 enrolled students in a 425 acres campus. Can you believe how huge is that school’s property? The acceptance rate at the Thacher School, however, is only 17%. Their tuition fee for boarding students costs $47,950. Do you want to know what set it apart from other boarding schools?  The Thacher School offers an intensive horse program for its freshmen. By attending this program, a child will learn how to properly ride and take care of the horse.


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