4 Kosher Cake Decorating Classes in NYC and NJ

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There are a lot of bakeries selling kosher baked goods,  but only a few teach you how to make the goodies, which you will learn about in our list of 4 kosher cake decorating classes in NYC and NJ.

The food industry is a fast growing industry everywhere and is diverse in every region. Walking through the streets of New York City and the neighboring New Jersey, you will see restaurants and other food shops lining the blocks. You may also encounter food trucks which are also a growing trend. These food shops may offer different cuisines, but they all have one common goal to satisfy the stomachs and taste buds of their customers and rest assured they are doing a great job.

While I pretty much love all types of food, nothing beats a good dessert. Life is sweet but dessert makes it sweeter. Some people top off a good meal with dessert while others look at it as more of a treat or a snack. Over time, it’s no secret that one of the most popular desserts is cake. We can see this in almost every occasion like birthdays or anniversaries, you name it. Admit it or not we all have our own favorite cake flavor. Cake shops are all over the place, as it is sometimes a lot easier to pop in for a slice rather than attempting to make your own cake. Like in most baking cases, you’ll need exact measurements like how many cups of flour and sugar or how many teaspoons of baking soda and baking powder. One wrong measurement and your cake go hard or saggy. However, if you master it, there are so many fun and creative things you can do when it comes to decorating a cake.

There are many ways to prepare foods, but what is a more complex practice is Kosher. We have spoken of some of the guidelines introducing us to Kosher in our 7 kosher cooking classes in NYC and NJ article. There we tackled some of what’s permitted and the forbidden in the kosher tradition. Just like the guidelines in Kosher food cooking, we also have guidelines in making a Kosher pastry like a cake. In Kosher cooking practice, you have to observe many do’s and don’ts so I conclude that this is one of the reasons why there are only a few who conduct Kosher cake decorating classes in NYC and NJ although there are shops to choose from if you want to indulge. Since we are dealing with baking and cake decorating in which we have to deal with dairy products and eggs, the Kosher guidelines according to KIR are that in order for a milk to be considered as Kosher, it must also come from a Kosher animal. In My Jewish Learning, you can leave out a non-kosher ingredient and take a leap in doing the recipe without it if it is irrelevant or you can use substitutes like margarine, vegan cheese, soy milk, rice milk, or coconut milk.

It was not the easiest task tracking down kosher cake decorating classes. We used Class Curious’ database where the best classes and other activities around NYC and NJ are found. In doing so, we also used a Google Search to find some reviews for the chosen establishments we have on our list. While some of these classes have cake decorating alone, others incorporate baking the cake which also includes cake decorating. No offense to our non-Kosher bakers, but a Kosher baker is very particular about the ingredients and preparation no matter how complex this practice is. Our list is not ranked in any particular order since one person may prefer one class over the other.

Put your apron on and let’s take a look at our list of 4 kosher cake decorating classes in NYC and NJ.

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