30 Most Popular Overseas Retirement Destinations for Americans

If you are looking for a perfect place to spend your long-awaited retirement years, then this list of most popular overseas retirement destinations for Americans may be helpful.

There are so many beautiful places on this planet that it is hard to choose only one country to live in. Many people will agree that monotony is one of the worst things most of us has to deal with. That’s why retired Americans like to change, not only a state, but the entire country. To sense another culture, listen to another language, feel the different spirit. To experience life.

30 Most Popular Overseas Retirement Destinations for Americans


It is admiring to see older people wanting to try new things, to enjoy life still. It is very sad to see people just “waiting to die” after their working days are over. Drowned in the boundless circle called routine. If they only had the courage to take one leap, to jump from the circle, to break the routine in any way, to feel the rush once again, urge, passion, energy, I am sure they would never let themselves get caught in the sameness of everyday life.

If you are worried about money and thinking that you can’t afford to spend your retirement somewhere else, we have another list for you – cheapest places to retire abroad. But, still, moving overseas is not the only way to break the routine, just do something new that you’ve never done before – try some new food, a specialty from some exotic country, take tango dances, try painting, writing, learn to cook, to sue, anything you can think of. Dream. Let your imagination flow.

You can dream together with us as we go trough these amazing destinations that have attracted many people from all corners of the world, and especially from America. Let us inspire you with the breathtaking images in this slideshow below.

In order to find most popular overseas retirement destinations for Americans, we’ve used Bloomberg’s report in which are listed countries that had the most social security payments to retired Americans. According to this report, more and more people from the US, retire somewhere abroad every year. Let’s see where – let the magic begin!