The 10 Cheapest Places to Retire Abroad

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Cheapest Places to Retire Abroad: While getting old and retiring is not necessarily something people look forward to, it’s a reality of life, and something that should not only be planned for, but embraced. Far from being a swan song to one’s life, retirement can afford them to chance to their live their lives like they were perhaps unable to when they were young, and saddled with the burdens of family and career.


Of course to do so takes careful planning based on one’s savings, and part of that planning should include considering some of the cheapest places to retire abroad. While it might be daunting to make a move to a new country, especially at an advanced age, it is difficult for all but the wealthiest of people to maintain a high standard of living after work if they continue to live in a country with high expenses. Doing so leaves retirees with less disposable income, and less opportunity to take advantage of their increased free time.

Here we have gathered a collection of ten of the cheapest places to retire abroad for current or future retirees to consider. If however you’re conflicted between finding the cheapest place and finding the best place, we recommend you go through our previous feature story on The 5 Best Places to Retire Abroad so you can see some of the other retirement possibilities.

Now then, let’s begin our countdown of the cheapest places to retire abroad.

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