30 Most Evil People in History

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The list of most evil people in history is definitely something you should not miss reading, since it brings many interesting, although at some point disturbing details.

The world’s history is full of certain horrible events connected with some people who will always be remembered for their evil actions and “creative” manners in which they tortured and punished people, especially those who disagreed with them. Probably the first association is Nazi Germany, but we provided the information about it in our list 20 Most Evil Nazis Ever, so we will try to broaden this one and focus on different historical periods and circumstances. The interesting thing is that the evil people did not necessarily need to be the part of wars, but there were also some of them who operated and spread the fear even though the official war was not proclaimed.

However, what bothered me most, even from the very early age is the question about whether people were born evil or they became so at some points of their life. That was a sort of puzzle for me, and I was unable to solve it. I was always wondering if people were born evil, how could we judge their nature and something they are not guilty of. On the other side, if they became evil at some point in their life, should we go deep into that issue and treat it from that perspective. The Telegraph actually published a great article on the topic, claiming that the scientists discovered certain genes responsible for high levels of rage and violence, which may lead to the fact that some people are actually evil from birth. Mind blowing.

Generally, the most difficult thing in making the list of most evil people in history was actually deciding who to put on, since there were many candidates for this. Since it was really hard, almost impossible, to measure the amount of “evilness” that these people possessed, I decided to go with this kind of methodology; I have read several Reddit and Quora discussions, and decided to single out mostly repeated names, since if several people mention the same person, that must mean something. Additionally, History Locker also had a great article on the topic, so I decided to combine all of the sources. I did not focus only on newer history, but also included many figures from the ancient times, and, believe me, they were at points far worse that people we consider evil today.

So, let’s see who are the most evil people in history.

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