20 Most Evil Nazis Ever

These 20 most evil Nazis ever are responsible for a large part of 60 million dead and the untold number of wounded in World War 2.

When the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime started to surface, a lot of people found them hard to believe at first. And, admittedly, you can’t really blame them. The sheer scope of industrial-level genocide performed by one of the most modern countries in the world is hard to comprehend even today, when we know all the facts, let alone in the 1940s. As more and more death camps were being liberated by the Allied and Soviet forces and Holocaust was revealed in its entirety, even the staunchest critics of the Nazi regime were overwhelmed by its evil. It was quickly realized that this couldn’t be committed by any small group, but instead was a result of a state-wide deliberate effort that took years to plan and execute.

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20 Most Evil Nazis Ever

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Back to our main topic – it is important to note that some of them would remain unpunished for their crimes if it weren’t for people like Simon Wiesenthal and others like him, who dedicated their lives to locating runaway Nazis and bringing them to justice. Even so, there are few that have remained at large and died as free men, a fate they definitely didn’t deserve.

Picking 20 most evil Nazis ever proved to be a difficult task, simply because there are too many candidates for those 20 spots. In the end, we decided to listen to the experts, both historical and legal. A part of the list was created from articles found on Military History Now and War History Online. The remaining spots were filled with Nurnberg Trials convictions. Out of 24 top Nazi criminals tried at Nurnberg, 9 were sentenced to death and among them, we found the worst Nazis ever. We handpicked the worst of the worst based on the scope of their crimes against humanity.