25 Special Things to Do in New York City

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New York City is a one-of-a-kind place with an endless list of things to see and do, so we decided to come up with a list of 25 special things to do in New York City.

Whether you live in New York or you are planning a visit, it seems there’s never enough time to see all that The Big Apple has to offer. Maybe that’s one reason it’s known as the City That Never Sleeps because that’s the only way you’ll get to see and experience everything.  There are plenty of things that you can do in the city mainly due to the fact that New York City is massive and over 8 million people call it home. While a little overwhelming, researching special things to do in NYC can be a lot of fun. You wouldn’t believe how many hidden NYC attractions or just unique things there are to do in the city. I think I will gradually be trying out all of these fun things over the weekends.

If you live in the city, I definitely recommend that you check out this list if you’re tired of doing the same things in the city. However, I am sure you already have a to-do list of your own, and what we have in store for you today will definitely make a fine addition to it. To put it simply, when you are in New York City, you are at the only place on Earth where, entertainment, fashion, media, and finance all comes together in perfect harmony. I won’t go as far as to claim that New York is the best city in the entire world, however I will say that it is definitely one of the best cities in the world. The grander the place you are in, the more you can do with your time. If you came across this list, while searching for some more romantic things to do in NYC, then I can easily recommend 16 Fun First Date Ideas in NYC.

In order to come up with this massive list of special things to do in New York City, I sought help from the database available at Class Curious as well as a Google Search. Also, I added a few things from personal experience. One thing to mention here is that the list is in no particular order. I find all of the activities listed down below to be equally special, and so I could not bring myself to rank them in any way.

I understand you’re here because you’re probably on a mission to learn some new things to do around the city, so let’s not waste any more time and get to our list of 25 special things to do in New York City.

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