20 Easiest Debate Topics for Middle School

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The 20 easiest debate topics for middle school may be a little perplexing for the average adult. Unless of course, you’re smarter than a 6th grader. But most preteens, especially those who live in the countries with best education systems in the world, are more intelligent than it may seem.

For example, you may think their easiest and most popular school debate topics include arguments like Coke versus Pepsi and Android versus iPhone, but you would be wrong.

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We pulled a few lists of easy debate topics from various middle school debate leagues and teachers and came up with some very controversial debate topics. Our four main sources were the Middle School Public Debate Program, Melissa Kelly (a Secondary Education Expert), The Teaching Factor and Tutor Vista. These sources provided lists of their favorite middle school debate topics, and we took those and calculated the arguments that appeared most frequently between all of them. Those at the bottom of the list appeared most often.

But a few of our results were surprising, for instance, who would have thought that “junk food banning” would be a controversial topic among middle schoolers. (After all, doesn’t every chubby preteen enjoy, or at least promote enjoying, a good Twinkie or bag of Cheetos now and then? Guess not.)

Find this topic and more as you peruse the 20 easiest debate topics for middle school. And while you read, consider your own stance on the below issues.It might be harder than you think.

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