25 Countries With The Worst Food Safety In The World

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What are the countries with the worst food safety in the world? Right now, there are nearly 850 million people who do not have sufficient food. You might think this shows that there is a shortage of food in the world, but you’d be wrong. The reason for starvation is not a lack of resources, but wastage of resources, improper allocation and overconsumption.

Another reason for starvation is the lack of food quality, with a lot of the food not being fit for consumption. Unfortunately, either due to ignorance or lack of options, many people tend to consume such food. This can result in a host of diseases much worse than a mild bout of diarrhea and in countries where few people can afford medical care, it can even result in death.

Countries With The Worst Food Safety In The World

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Of course, there are countries which lay great emphasis on food. These countries are famous for the food they present and include names such as Italy and Greece; you can check out the complete list at 11 countries with the best food in the world.

Oxfam International conducted a study to determine the countries which are the best and worst countries to eat in. The study, which is one of its kind, used several factors in order to determine the best places to eat in. Each factor was given a score ranging from 0 to 100, where 0 was the best possible and 100 was the worst possible score. Of course, since we only want to determine countries with the worst food safety, the factors relevant to us were access to clean drinking water and nutritional diversity of the food available in the country. With these two factors, we have established the worst 25 countries with the worst food safety in the world, which are as follows:

25. Malawi

Score regarding access to drinking water: 23

Ranking according to access to drinking water: 36

Score regarding nutritional diversity: 83

Ranking according to nutritional diversity: 12

Average Ranking: 24

Countries With The Worst Food Safety In The World - Malawi

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