11 Best Selling Courses on Udemy in 2017

If you are thinking of improving your knowledge in whatever field of interests, you should definitively check out our list of best selling online courses on Udemy in 2017. With the rapid changes in the technology nowadays, it is crucial to learn what skills are valued on the market and how to acquire them. But where do you find courses that will offer you the knowledge you need?

There are tons of platforms saying you can learn anything you want, but only a few are real. Udemy is probably one of the very best sites of this type, offering you variety of courses for lower total costs. The biggest advantage of online courses is the convenience and flexibility they are offering, allowing you to plan your study time and focus only on your career advancement. Before we go deeper in explanation, we would suggest you to read about 10 Most Popular Courses on Udemy Right Now.

11 Best Selling Courses on Udemy in 2017

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The courses you will find on Udemy are taught by experts in different areas. You won’t get a degree, but you will definitively learn new skills. According to Jacob Morgan, from Forbes, Udemy is helping you to reduce the skills gap – the biggest threats of modern day workplaces. The CEO of Udemy is saying that almost anyone can learn anything, which is the main reason why this site has a big potential. As you can see, it is a completely legit site and Forbes is a proof that you won’t be scammed.

For creating this list of best selling online courses on Udemy in 2017, we checked out the most popular courses on Udemy in five different categories (development, business, design, marketing and IT&software), in order to find the best selling online courses in 2017. We were interested in several aspects like category, number of students enrolled in that particular course, the rating it has, as well as the price. The ranking goes this way –every course has a place in top 11 based on their rating and number of enrolled students. The data we have collected comes strictly from the Udemy site. So, let’s proceed to the list of best selling online courses on Udemy in 2017.