25 Biggest Universities in the US

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In this article we are going to list the 25 biggest universities in the world. Click to skip ahead and jump to the 10 biggest universities in the world. Few can deny the importance of education. It is an essential tool if one wants to make it in this world. And getting higher education gives you a few important tools to not just make it but make it big. Colleges and Universities around the globe offer students a chance to find their potential and utilize it effectively by gearing them with some of the best tools that knowledge can offer. Great minds gather under their specialized fields to help pass their own knowledge and experience to their thirsty potential successors. Although it sounds like a dream come true for many, it alas remains to be a dream for others. Getting a higher education in today’s world is one of the most expensive luxuries that a student partakes in. There are of course the options of acquiring aid or scholarships but those must be won on merit and only a few students are awarded this privilege.

Aside from that there is always an option to take out student loans to pay for a university experience but that too comes with its own sets of problems. One of the biggest problems facing education is student loan debt and in the United States of America, it has been making headlines for quite a few years now. According to the Center for Responsible Learning, the student loan crises has reached $1.5 trillion in the last few years. On average, a student loan graduates with approximately $30,000 in debt. Some of them work their whole lives to pay them off. This is one of the major setbacks which pushes students away from getting into a good college. The problem has plagued the country for several years now and each new government proposes a different plan to tackle the problem, but it is still at large. It is interesting to note that tackling student loans is one of the most common goals in the competing political parties’ manifesto. With the change of presidency this year, there have been a few promises made about eradicating this issue and it remains to be seen how it will play out. Head over to our list of the 15 cheapest universities in the USA for international students for viable options for students around the globe to have the American education experience.

10 Biggest Universities in the US

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One of the other problems facing education all around last year, and continuing in this year, is the global coronavirus pandemic. The virus has pushed everyone into their homes as social distancing has been ordered. Schools, colleges across the globe have switched to online education and it seems that this method is here to stay. The tumultuous closing of on campus education has forced quite a bit of pressure on American universities. There were already a few debates on whether the existing education model was failing, and the effects of the coronavirus and resultant social distancing have thrown the benefits of remote learning in sharp focus. Students and educators alike have noticed the price and value proposition of online knowledge delivery as compared to physical, traditional classrooms. Government leaders have noticed how much cost the education system is saving costs as resultantly, academic institutions across the globe are offering discounted tuition rates in stark contrast to previous rates in their whole history. Elite universities like Princeton University and American College have offered slashed tuition for a wholly immersed online education experience.

There were already a few colleges offering online education pre-pandemic. According to the United States Department of Education, about one third of US universities offered some form of online education in the form of courses or some full-fledged degrees. The other two thirds remained fully physical. But the recent developments have shifted the course and it is likely to produce some long-term changes in the traditional model. Given the present scenario, it is likely to be fruitful to keep an eye on a few education stocks. According to Yahoo! Finance, K12 Inc. (NYSE:LRN) is an education company which facilitates online schooling and curriculum. It specializes in delivering online services to students in kindergarten through K-12. The expected growth in earnings for the country is 100%. Another stock to invest in is American Public Education, Inc. (NASDAQ:APEI). Serving primarily the military and public service community, this online education company is expected to increase its earnings by 4.6%. Grand Canyon Education, Inc. (NASDAQ:LOPE) is another promising company which is expected to grow its earnings by 12.9%. The company provides services to students in the fields of business, education, and health care 2U Inc. (NASDAQ:TWOU) is among the education stocks which have profited significantly from the challenges faced in 2020. The company works with non-profit organizations and schools to offer online degree programs. It reported earnings of $201.1 million in the third quarter of 2020. One Smart International Education Group Limited (NYSE: ONE) is another company expected to have a growth rate of more than 100% this year.

Although the present shift in the education environment has posed significant difficulties in students plans for higher education, it is also a big challenge for universities to cater to the needs of the current student body as remote learning is implemented. Here we have a list of 25 of the biggest universities in the US according to number of enrollments. Most of the data has been taken from fall of 2019 but where it was not available it has been compensated by data for fall 2018. The listed graduation rates are for first time, full time undergraduates according to the US Department of Education.

25. Texas Tech University

Starting off with number 25 we have Texas Tech University. With a strength of 32,125 undergraduates, the public research college is in Lubbock, Texas and was established in 1923. It used to be named Texas Technological College until 1969. Some of its popular majors include, Business, Engineering and Journalism. It has an acceptance rate of 71%, and a graduation rate of 60%.

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