25 Best States For Real Estate Sales Agents

Throw on your gold blazers, it’s time for the best states for real estate sales agents. I always wanted to own one of those Century 21 agent special blazers. I didn’t necessarily want to BE an agent, but those blazers looked really snazzy. “Snazzy” is a word that should be exclusively reserved for describing blazers–and maybe slacks.

Living in New York City I have enjoyed the roller coaster ride through hell that is the New York Real Estate scene. It is a deep (dumpster) dive into some of the most SUN DRENCHED rat holes in Manhattan. The thing is New York is such an owner’s market that you need real estate agents–they have the inside track on the best properties you couldn’t find otherwise. In many other areas in the country you don’t necessarily need an agent until you are buying a house–but in New York you need it just for renting. What a fun exception!

25 Best States For Real Estate Sales Agents


The agents I’ve worked with ranged from nice and truthful to total sleazeball weirdo. There has been so many baits and switches too–a 3-bedroom in super submarket rent that just happens to get rented the minute I call. But they’re happy to show me a dirt shack for a billion dollars. Still, like I said, I also have a real estate agent to thank for the wonderful apartment I now call home.

But if you’re a real estate agent where can you call home? What are the best states for real estate agents? We’ve got the list for you. You may also be interested in the 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World to Buy Real Estate.

Being a real estate sales agent isn’t easy, and like every other person in the world, you probably want your effort to pay off. That is why we decided to create this list of best states for real estate sales agents and show them which are the best states for them to move, live and work. We collected statistics and data from Bureau of Labor Statistics for a number of employees and the average annual wage. Then we took the cost of living index from Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, calculated and sorted the list of best states for real estate sales agents by how good one state is for the real estate sales agents. Let’s check the best ones!