25 Best States For Financial Analysts

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Time to take stock and check out the 25 states for financial analysts.

There is a scene in The Office where Steve Carell’s Michael Scott tells a woman at a bar that he’s a bank teller. He says that Ryan (another character who Michael looks up to) told him to always tell women you work in finance. The joke is that being a bank teller is not necessarily the fanciest area of finance that Ryan was alluding to in order to impress women and that Michael is the kind of guy who isn’t savvy or slimy enough to make that distinction.

I always really enjoyed that line. It reminds me that the character truly is a buffoon but it’s also the kind of mistake a child would make–like believing in unicorns or the American banking system. Children are so trusting.

What exactly IS a financial analyst though? Aside from it being someone who actually does work in finance, the fancy kind, the kind that impresses certain women in certain bars–what does a financial analyst do?

Well, a financial analyst is a person who performs financial analysis for external as well as internal financial clients. As a financial analyst, you will improve the financial status by analyzing results, monitor variances, identify trends and recommend actions to management among other things. The job financial analyst is divided into a few sectors like accounting and auditing services and aerospace and defense.

Get it? No?  How about this? A financial analyst works in a bank, for an investment firm, for a pension fund, at an insurance company, and for other similar businesses.

Financial analysts provide advice to businesses or to individuals who are making investment decisions. The three major categories for financial analysts are those “that work for ‘sell-side’ investment firms, those that work for ‘buy-side’ investment firms and those that work for investment banks”. They do so by assessing the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments.

If you are a financial analyst who is searching for 25 best states for financial analyst then you already know all this–sorry!  As a financial analyst, you will need to have a degree in know how to work with the information and statistics and provide the company with the most accurate outcome. Also, if you are interested, here you can see which are the 10 Largest Financial Services Companies by AUM.

As a financial analyst, you are probably looking for a well-developed state, with a lot of companies and a good chance for a job. Also, it is very important for the state to have big companies which have tremendous outcome and states who lack financial analysts. With this, as a financial analyst, you will get the chance to choose between them and find the right one and which ones are the matching your skills and demands the most. While we talk about demands and choosing, many people aren’t considering the highest salaries as the first parameter. Considering that today’s cities are huge, many people are looking for companies which are closer to their home, and, despite payment, those who offer good working conditions. Also, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary that one financial analyst gets is $80, 310 per year or $38.61 on the hour.

In order to create the list of 25 best states for financial analysts, we took different parameters from Bureau Of Labor Statistics. We collected data to see how many financial analysts are already working in each state and we sorted the list by their approximate annual salary they are earning.

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