25 Best States for Advertising Salesmen

Someone was in charge of that heinous Pepsi ad, and they might live in one of the best states for advertising salesmen.

I never finished watching Mad Men because I find stories about men to be relatively boring, but I know it’s about the advertising industry in the 1960s, which is quite interesting. I think advertisements are intrinsically really annoying and I have an AdBlocker on my computer and purposely avoid watching live TV so I don’t have to see any. I appreciate the work advertisers do, but I get mostly annoyed by them because there are always so many. I hate being bombarded by ads, especially when I’m in between paydays and I want to buy everything but I can’t.

 25 Best States for Advertising Salesmen


All that being said, ad salesmen are the ones who sell ad space to clients. They work in television, print, radio, and more to sell the blank spaces or commercial slots to potential advertisers who want to get the word out about something. The places that are great for advertising salesman could line up with the best states for advertising and marketing managers considering those careers work together to fill ad space. Advertising salesmen are in charge of choosing the ads that you see on a daily basis.

In order to create this list of best states for advertising salesmen, we had to consider three criteria. We looked at the average median salary, employment rates, and the cost of living index. These are all very important things to look at when trying to determine the best places for a career. We sourced this data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, which are both great sources to find anything relating to these concepts. We averaged the values in all three categories to determine our rankings. The states with the highest employment rate, highest annual salary, and the lowest cost of living index are the ones that went to the top of the list.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best states for advertising salesmen.