25 Best States for Advertising and Marketing Managers

It’s time to remember that sex sells and check out the tawdry best states for advertising and marketing managers. Okay, so maybe not soooo tawdry–still you’re going to be interested in where to live. Look at Don Draper, do you think he didn’t wonder about the best place to call home?

Advertising and marketing folks must be sick of Mad Men comparisons by now.  It was a pivotal piece of art and television, but still, it certainly isn’t real life. Also, that show was set more than 50 years ago, and things MAY have changed just a little bit in the industry at this point. Women are even allowed to have thoughts and ideas… well, maybe sometimes.

Still, if you are in this industry you know, you can’t believe everything you read and people (mostly you) are always trying to sell you something. So where should an advertising or marketing manager, or someone training for those careers, set up a house? Well, have we got the list for you. You may also be interested in the 25 Best States for Actuaries–especially if you are looking to feel better about your jobs.

25 Best States for Advertising and Marketing Managers


Looking for the best states for advertising and marketing managers should never just be about the wages. While it is true that earning high wages is one thing we all dream of, it is not the sole requirement of knowing which state would be best for these professions. The key is to look for states which have a sense of balance between wages and expenses.

That being said, the three points of value we used in this article are the annual median wage, employment rates, and cost of living rates. The states that would make it to the highest ranks are those with low cost of living and high wages, perfectly balanced with decent employment rates for this profession.

The data about each state’s cost of living rates was derived from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, while the information on each state’s employment rates and annual median wages for advertising and marketing managers were sourced from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

We had to rank each state according to each point and then averaged the rankings from all three values until we arrived at our final results. To know more about the 25 best states for advertising and marketing managers, read on.