21 Highest Paying Countries For Expats

Expats face a tough life, having to live away from home and family, but the 21 highest paying countries for expats help in reducing the burden.

You might consider it to be counterproductive, living in a country where the culture is foreign to you, you may not even speak the language properly and you barely know anyone, while having to spend months or years without visiting your family. However, there are several reasons why people become expatriates.

Firstly, a person should always be willing to try new things, instead of focusing on the same routine, which inhibits growth. Exposing yourself to new cultures and new ideas leads to a broadening of the horizons. On the other hand, if you have a family, you aren’t just thinking about yourself and your future, but theirs too. One of the main reasons why a person moves from his home country is to provide a better future for his family, by going to a country that has an excellent education system and childcare opportunities. In fact, in a major survey conducted by HSBC, nearly half of the people stated that the level of education in their adopted country surpassed that of their home country. Similarly, 43% also believed that the childcare system in the new country was better.

21 Highest Paying Countries For Expats

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If you are considering moving to a country based on the promise of high salaries, you might want to sink your teeth into this list of the 21 highest paying countries for expats below. To find out those countries, we used the MyExpatriate Markey Pay Survey, which considered the total expatriate pay packages for middle managers in different countries. To determine the pay package of each country, three things were considered in the survey, namely salaries, benefits and tax implications. Now, finally, let’s check those countries that offer the best financial benefits to expats.