20 Things to Do in NYC with Toddlers

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If you have children, or if you are a babysitter, or simply a devoted aunt or uncle who wants to spend time some quality time with nephews or nieces, the list of 20 things to do in NYC with toddlers is something you should not miss reading.

Big cities have that advantage that they offer so many interesting places to visit and see, but somehow we get lost in this world where everything can be reached on the Internet and we lose the sense of going out among people and actually seeing and touching things. When it comes to children, this is even a greater issue, since they grow up in a very unhealthy environment, and us adults need to guide them and show them how to actually be involved in this beautiful world full of amazing things to see. In the same sense, our list of Kid Friendly Things To Do in NYC This Weekend can also be very useful and can give you amazing ideas how to spend weekends with children in NYC.

Toddlers-oriented activities in NYC are numerous, and if you have a little bit of imagination and creativity, as well as a goodwill and free time, your toddlers will definitely be grateful to you. There is always the option to actually ask them what do they want to do and make sure to adapt it to be useful in both fun and knowledge terms. For example, going to a museum can be really fun and children can be amazed by some artifacts and exhibitions, while it is a great chance to learn something new at the same time. The Internet is full of amazing ideas, amazing places to visit and see, for any season and any part of the day, so I checked several sources, eventually finding the Class Curious most useful, with other excellent ideas found during an excessive Google search. I did not go deep into details for each activity separately but instead provided official websites where all of the useful and additional information can be found. However, the major advice, in general, is to plan and book early where bookings are needed. I know that some people are simply adventurous and on-the-go persons, but toddlers will love to follow the plan and to see that you really worked hard to amuse them and spend some quality time with them. The list is made without specific rankings and order, so you may equally enjoy in each of these suggestions, depending on your toddlers’ preferences. Remember, the time you spend with them is probably the most priceless time and they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

So, don’t forget to save our list of 20 things to do in NYC with toddlers.

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