10 Most Successful Real Estate Billionaires in America

These are 10 most successful real estate billionaires in America and Donald Trump isn’t among them.

Many of these real estate billionaires and moguls are self made and have started with nothing. Of course, some have everything handed to them on a silver platter, either in a form of a “small loan of one million dollars” or through inheritance, which some of them managed to diminish considerably through their sheer incompetence. Some of their stories are classic American Dream come true, with the children of poor immigrants reaching for the stars and succeeding. Unlike the Most Successful Private Equity Firms in The World, where usually partners shared the burden, these men have mostly accomplished their success on their own.

10 Most Successful Real Estate Billionaires in America


American real estate moguls aren’t that well positioned in the world. In fact, the richest real estate billionaire from America is only fourth in the world, behind two Chinese and a German. In fact, out of top 20 real estate billionaires, only five are from America. The title of the richest real estate broker in the world goes to Wang Jianlin, although considering the rate of his US holdings and investments, he very well may be considered an American billionaire soon enough. Asians, in general, dominate the list, with 10 people claiming the spots.

The place among most successful real estate billionaires in America is a highly contested one. According to Forbes 400 list of richest people in America, which we used as our source, 44 own their wealth at least partially to their real estate businesses. Most of them can (and have) write a book on how to become a real estate tycoon, due to their extensive knowledge of the trade. If you are interested in real estate business, reading some of them could prove beneficial, but bear in mind that, although real estate billionaires share some common traits, their paths to wealth differ vastly.

Oh, and if you are looking from Donald Trump on our list of most successful real estate billionaires in America, don’t bother, he isn’t there. The President has taken quite a tumble on the list of the world’s richest people and doesn’t qualify for top ten real estate barons in America, let alone the world.