10 Most Evil Scariest Names for Male and Female Babies

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When it comes to choosing the most evil, scariest names for male and female babies I must say, people can get very creative. Too creative, sometimes, but in order to make it into this list, creative just won’t cut it. There are some really ill-hearted people out there who will give their children hideous, ridiculous names that will hang over their heads as long as they live. In case you were wondering what NOT to name your progeny, I will hereby present you with a catalog of awful possibilities. However, if you are actually looking to give your baby a nasty name, then you should also check out our list of 10 Most Evil Elected Presidents Who Killed the Most People

Names are often a reflection of the parent’s state of mind and/or ideology; you have no idea how many people named Hitler there are, and many of them are named “Adolf”, too! There’s even a documentary film on the matter titled “Meet the Hitlers”. Bearing this in mind, I believe what makes a name evil or scary is that it immediately makes you ask yourself: “Who the HELL are these parents?!”

10 Most Evil Scariest Names for Male and Female Babies


There are many paths that leas to a creation of a foul name, and I will tell you what they are; I’ll also throw in a few examples, so you can begin to wrap your mind around what will follow:

– The name evokes a specific historic or fictional character known for their deranged malevolence. I.E.: Attila the Hun (no explanation needed), or Samara (the little dead girl from “The Ring”)

– It’s a word with a negative or super-awkward meaning. I.E.: Anus (banned in Denmark, with good reason)

– It’s just a bunch of ridiculous words thrown together in seemingly random order. I.E.: Bogart Che Peyote (Parents are most likely movie buff, revolutionary, hippie burn-outs)

– It’s a pun. I.E.: Jack Daniel (for a kid with fetal alcohol syndrome; not “haha” funny, but still a pun)

– It’s GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT (and it’s a thousand times worse when it’s on purpose) I.E.: Chairish (It’s also a pun, so double kudos for this parents in the douchebag department)

– It clashes with the last name, making it sound ridiculous. I.E.: North West (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter… As if that weren’t bad enough)

– It means something completely different in another language. I.E.: Kok Wanting (It probably doesn’t mean the same in his native as it does in English)

– It has “Nevaeh” in it. (This is for some reason an extremely popular name, and it’s just so bafflingly stupid it makes me want to punch them all, baby included)

Now, this might surprise you (or maybe not), but based on my research, I believe the world’s best region for weird, often sadistic names, is Latin America, seconded by Australia and its continental pals. Which names are rejected and which are not might sometimes seem random or arbitrary, but every country has its own laws on the matter. For instance, in New Zeland, names such as Stallion, Yeah Detroit, Fish and Chips, Sex Fruit, Satan, and Adolf Hitler are rejected, while Midnight Chardonnay, Number 16 Bus Shelter, and Violence are A-Okay. How “Number 16 Bus Shelter” is better than “Yeah Detroit”, I have no idea.

Now, of course, one can outgrow one’s name and become their own person, but there is no denying that carrying such significant label ALWAYS takes a toll, especially during childhood. That, however, won’t stop the parents, because the list of atrocious names is so long it would take me years to factor all of them in; I had to cut it short, although it wasn’t easy.

So, Are you ready for some ugly-ass baby names? No? Too bad. Let’s move on to n° 10 in our list of most evil, scariest names for male and female babies. Click Next!

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