20 Most Dangerous and Deadliest Roads in the World

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Ready to find out some of the most interesting and weird facts about most dangerous and deadliest roads in the world? Read along!

The original purpose of the road is to ease the process of traveling and furthermore, to keep the traveler safe. However, that is not always the case. Many roads in this world are definitely safer if you just pass by them. By chance, not even to approach them. But, not everybody is lucky enough to find alternative ways to travel from point A to point B. Some of the most scariest roads in the world are mostly on the Asian continent, as you will see on our list. It is possible that you heard or seen some of the most deadliest roads in the world on History Channel. If you did, then you are aware how dangerous they can be. Moreover, you might even ask yourself how were they build in the first place? Well, half of them are shaped by nature. Meaning, their shape depends on the natural characteristics of the terrain along the road path. The other half is human-made. During the construction of, for example, Karakoram Highway, around 900 people have died. And even after its construction, because of the carves and other things, people keep on having traffic accidents.

 Most Dangerous and Deadliest Roads in the World

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On the other hand,  if you are an adventurous type of person, then the following 20 scariest roads all over the world will maximally excite you! The thing is, even though these roads look unstable and cause us fear, at the same time, most of them are located In the most beautiful natural landscapes. Therefore, some of them are most beautiful roads in the world, as well, such as coastal roads in Croatia, where while driving, you can enjoy the view of the open sea. Some of them are inside the territory of one country, while others connect territories of two or more countries. Maybe the article 11 Countries with the Best Roads in the World will catch your interest, as the topics are connected. And believe me, there are so many amazing roads in the world that you cannot even imagine until you see it with your own eyes.

In order to create our list of most dangerous and deadliest roads in the world, we took the most repeating suggestions from the existing lists on the top deadliest roads in the world as well as top dangerous ones on numerous travel sites such as Red Bull, Gap Year, Wander Wisdom, to a name few. Then we consulted the World Health Organization and their data by country for road traffic deaths and rank our suggestions according to the road’s country origin which had the biggest percentage of deaths. For additional interesting facts about each road, we consulted Dangerous Roads, and we added some of the YouTube videos of the deadliest roads in the world so that you can get a whole picture. Let’s start!

20. The Trollstigen Road in Norway

Norway’s Trollstigen Road is often called the ‘troll ladder.’ It has many hairpin bends and sheer drops that are especially dangerous in icy conditions. Its length is 34 miles.

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