20 Easiest Good Colleges to Get Into

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When you’re nearing graduation day, you’re taking into consideration a large number of universities where you can continue your education and get the most of it, but you should also take into consideration how difficult it is to get there, so we made a list of the easiest good colleges to get into.

Talking of which, if after you’ve been accepted to a specific university and figure out along the way you want to change majors, or just want to try out another university for any other reason, you may want to look into these 15 Easiest Good Schools To Transfer Into, so you have a backup.

20 Easiest Good Colleges To Get Into

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Of course, your top priority should be getting accepted into your dream college. If your grades weren’t enough, however, or your interviews didn’t go as planned, you need to have some backups – universities where it’s easy to get into, but are still great places of study, offering a great education and ranking high on the list of the world’s top universities.

In order to create our list today we took a look at the list of the world’s top universities, picking out the first 50 of them. Then, we went and dug a bit, looking for the acceptance rate in these universities via Google. While the numbers aren’t all from the same year, they’re the latest currently available online. That being said, here are the easiest good colleges to get into.

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