20 Dumbest Countries in Europe

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When we were searching an answer for the 20 dumbest countries in Europe, we were surprised to see the likes of Italy and Turkey in the list. Well, they are here for a reason. We’ll get to that in a minute. For now let us focus on the mechanism on how we have ranked these nations. We have used WEF’s Global Competitiveness 2014 – 2015 report as our main source. The report is a detailed one and analyzes and assesses the competitiveness of 144 countries in numerous departments while identifying key indicators of prosperity and productivity.



Extracted from the report, we have picked our 4 categories which may prove out to be substantial when trying to measure the dumbness of a country. The categories chosen were the quality of math and science education, tertiary education enrollment, advancement in technology and percentage of people using Internet. These categories when taken alone may not be enough to decide about the dumbest countries but when analyzed and taken as a mix forms a great scale to measure the dumbness of any nation.

What is important to understand here is the fact that the data from WEF is of only 150 countries so (of the world’s 196 recognized countries), there may be other countries with worse figures and yet not included in the list. By the way, we already identified the dumbest countries in the world in a previous article. Please check out that article if you’d like to find out whether any European countries made that list.

20. Luxemburg

Luxemburg gets an average ranking of 113.25 and makes it to number 20 in our ranking.

Quality of math and science education: 4.8

Rank based on quality of math and science education: 123

Tertiary education enrollment %: 18.2

Rank based on tertiary education enrollment: 49

Patent applications/million: 118.6

Rank based on patent applications: 135

Percent of individuals using internet: 93.8

Rank based on internet access: 146

Average ranking score: 113.25

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