20 Dumbest Countries in Asia

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Another addition to our “dumbest countries” series is the 20 dumbest countries in Asia. Before we share the details and facts & figures, let’s first go over a few details about the continent itself. According to 2014 estimate, it is home to 2.427 billion people and covers an enormous area of 17.21 million square miles. Asia is the largest and the most populous continent on Earth – of course, who can compete with it when it has the likes of India and China. Asia has almost every religion of the world, and everything about this great continent is diverse, be it culture, people, traditional, environments, history, etc.

Mark Carrel/Shutterstock.com

Mark Carrel/Shutterstock.com

It is not easy to properly manage this large family (provided that you have limited resources) which accounts for more than 60% of the world’s population. Yes, you have guessed it right – Asia, despite having some progressive nations also has some of the dumbest countries in the world too that are surrounded with problems. If you are interested in knowing how dumb are other countries on the different continent check out our article on 20 Dumbest Countries in Europe.

The main problem that we have come across assembling our list of the 20 dumbest countries in Asia is the fact no direct study or research has been carried out that can label a country as dumb. Other than that no one really likes being called dumb. So, what we have done is we have picked 4 categories and identified the countries that performed least effectively in these categories to come up with our original ranking. Our research is backed up and based primarily on facts and figures included in the World Economic Forum’s comprehensive Global Competitiveness 2014 – 2015 Report.

The countries mentioned below have the least average score in “quality of math and science education”, “tertiary education enrollment rate”, “Patent application/million”, and “Internet access” among the countries in Asia.

20. Thailand

Thailand is more famous for tourism and its beaches but not so much when one talks about the quality of math and science education and higher education enrollment rate.

Quality of math and science education: 3.9

Rank based on quality of math and science education: 66

Tertiary education enrollment %: 51.2

Rank based on tertiary education enrollment: 97

Patent applications/million: 1.23

Rank based on patent applications: 79

Percent of individuals using internet: 28.9

Rank based on internet access: 53

Average ranking score: 73.8

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