5 Most Successful Startups of 2016

Some of the most successful startups of 2016 have become so well ingrained in our society that it seems bizarre to think that they weren’t always around.

Startups are all the rage these days. Big cities like San Francisco and New York, for example, are full of young tech startups and people who think they’ve come up with the next great app that’s going to change the world. It’s harder than you think to create something successful, but some have made it look so easy that one may wonder why they aren’t the CEO of their own company. It’s like there’s an app for everything these days and it’s thanks to the hardworking people who found a niche and stuck themselves in it so they could be part of your lives every day.

 5 Most Successful Startups of 2016


Creating a startup is hard enough, but getting exposure is the tricky part. I know I often see ads on the subway for new apps or companies with coupon codes to encourage people to get started. A lot of the time I hear about new things through word of mouth, which admittedly isn’t the fastest or best way to get a lot of users all at once, but it at least ensures that the company is reputable. I don’t think I started using Lyft or Gett because I saw an ad — I had a friend tell me to download it because they gave me their word that they were great. It’d be interesting to see if any of the startups listed are among the Most Profitable Small Businesses to Start in 2015.

That being said, looking for the best startups is pretty easy. Despite the fact that they’re new, they’ve made a lot of headway and grown in popularity, so people are talking about them quite a bit. For the most accurate results, we got our data from three places: Investopedia, Business Insider, and Forbes. We took the average of the rankings of the startups mentioned in their respective articles and created our rankings from there. Not only are the startups listed here successful, they’re also socially relevant and helpful, which is likely why they’ve done so well.

Take notes, entrepreneurs, because these are the 5 most successful startups of 2016. I wonder how they’ll fare in 2017.