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17 Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Dear teens, just a few months ago, Amazon introduced a way for you to shop online independently of your parents’ accounts, so we decided to make the selection of top teen things to buy on Amazon to help you choose and buy the best. But first I have to share with both you and your parents, a few thoughts on today’s teenagers. Although in the following lines we’re going to deal with shopping only, the truth is that what teens are buying and how they are spending money can say a lot about how they understand the world around them as well as themselves.

Just a few days ago I found myself in a local mall when, by chance, I heard a conversation of two (let’s say) 15-year-olds (being somewhat a rare species in the malls these days, since a huge number of them is now shopping using, no more, no less Amazon). What struck me the most, besides them being in the mall early in the morning, is the topic of their conversation. They were discussing why the public transportation in our city is such a disaster, but not on the I-hate-crowds-and-smelly-passengers level. They were actually talking about ways the city’s transport infrastructure can be improved; they were figuring out how to write a complaint letter to the mayor of our city. I was pleasantly surprised. Apparently, the GenZ is very much aware of the world around them and most importantly interested in making a difference. It’s like they are not as selfish as “normal” teenagers; as teenagers from just a decade ago. And that’s just my conclusion based on a morning small-talk between two 15-year-old girls. After all, they are the generation that didn’t live in the world without the Internet, global warming and unfortunately, terrorism. They are the generation that lives in a country where an 8-year-old needs to be familiar with a Lockout and Lockdown drills and the “chief” arms teachers with guns. So, it is hypocritical to expect that teenager’s biggest problem nowadays would be picking the perfect prom dress. Or tuxedo, for that matter. The thing is that Information is their weapon of choice, and goals, well, are different. Nevertheless, most of those youngsters already put a heavy emphasis on figuring out what they will do and what they will become in life. Those who are planning to go to college, mostly choose a major that will make them money and that they can tolerate. Not everything is black and white in life, and there’s definitely more than 50 shades of gray. Luckily, these days window(s) of opportunities are opening on every corner, and those skilled, persistent and smart will eventually find their way.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Syda Productions/

But, to get back to teen things to buy on Amazon – figuring out what teens want is always challenging; for God’s sake, even they are figuring themselves out, constantly. We were all a mess at this age, remember? So, the safest way to start an investigation on what do teens buy (on Amazon), or what to buy to one in order to be rewarded with a smile (hopefully), although they would just love a few hundred dollars instead, was to check out surveys on what’s cool among teens these days. So, I come up with two of them; the first survey was conducted by Google, and the other by Piper Jaffray on more than 130,000 teens. They examined spending patterns, brand and media preferences, as well as fashion trends among teens in high schools across the U.S. The next stop, was Reddit, of course, where we conducted our little survey by reading 500+ answers on “Teens of Reddit, what is considered cool right now?” It was, well, interesting, to say the least. Let me just add that hip-hop, rapping, Uzi, XXXTentacion, and Lil Pump are mentioned too many times (for my taste). Next, I checked Quora. The last stop was Pinterest, and its selection of teen stuff as well as our article on things teens buy the most. Eventually, I managed to single out the categories of products (things) that are most mentioned and thus most popular among these Snowcloud and Instagram worshipers. Needless to say, first came electronics and games followed by skating and music-related products. Of course, there was some jewelry, as well as clothes and shoes, for our ladies and some of the gentlemen. Then I turned to Amazon and its lists of products arranged in categories, what truly helped me when making the final selection. And yes, I did figure out what teenage girls want thanks to the “Amazon gifts for teenage girls” category where you can find gifts for 13 yr old girls, as well as things useful for 19 yr old ladies. As for the boys, the list of cool gifts for teen boys was pretty useful. Regardless of their age, they are always into the same stuff, am I right? I even took a peek at the list of best gifts on Amazon under 25, for my own sake. Finally, teen things (products) are ranked according to the lowest price of a product within each category, with those cheapest at the top of the list. However, have in mind that, although being listed as cheap on our list, some types of products can be quite pricey, and ranking would be definitely different if I did it according to the most expensive product within a category. This way you’re definitely going to find some cool things to buy on Amazon under 10 bucks. I also singled out products with the best reviews (from each category) and a decent price labeled “teens only”. In the end, you should know that being geeky, athletic and social is cool nowadays. The same goes for the hip-hop/rap music. After all, teenagers do like to look tough and macho.

Now, prepare your wallets and dive into the list of 17 teen things to buy on Amazon. We are almost sure that some of the products are going to show up on the list of useful things to buy on Amazon which is soon to be published.

17. Converse Sneakers

lowest price: $21.07

Converse Sneakers aren’t just the basic shoe choice of teen girls, although you can wear them with almost any outfit, being a multi-function shoe. For many guys out there, a girl wearing a pair of white Converse sneakers is much sexier than a girl on high heels. That way ladies look more casual and therefore more approachable. It seems that the-girl-next-door look will never get old.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Pixabay/Public Domain

16. Skateboards

lowest price: $14.99

Whether it’s because of that rebellious attitude skateboarders have, or the community that supports self-expression, skateboarding is still cool. Especially among teens. How awesome is “riding” with all wheels in the air, right? So, order one of the Amazon’s best sellers and become the next Tony Hawk.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Pixabay/Public Domain

15. Backpacks

lowest price: $11.57

Make a stunning first impression on your first day of school while wearing your brand new stylish backpack, ‘cause it’s not just a way to transport your books, but a way to express your distinctive personality.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Pixabay/Public Domain

14. Yeezys

lowest price: $9.99

Why are Yeezys so hyped, and what’s so special about them? The Adidas and one of the hypest rappers, Kanye West are to be blamed for that. Not to mention his power of influence among the teenage population and beyond. Some compare it to Jordans; some say walking in these is like “walking on clouds.” Nevertheless, many said they are very comfortable thanks to a-foam-like-material they are made of.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Unsplash/Public Domain

13. Bluetooth Headphones

lowest price: $6.99

Music makes everything easier, right? A new pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones is something all of us want. It’s not just a teen thing. The best part is that wireless doesn’t mean a bad sound anymore – just check out (and try out) our selection for both boys and girls, and see for yourself.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Unsplash/Public Domain

12. Attitude T-shirts

lowest price: $6.51

For some time now, the statement T-shirts are the way teens are expressing their attitudes and stating who they are. Since they are available on Amazon in different colors and with various inscriptions, we are sure that every teenager can find the “winning combination.”

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Unsplash/Public Domain

11. Jogger Pants

lowest price: $4.37

Luckily, athleisure became a trend, and walking around the city in joggers and sneakers is now desirable. Even those who like to dress up embraced this trend. Joggers look and feel comfortable, plus they can pair up nicely with a regular top. Since joggers eventually took over menswear as well, for our list we chose unisex Jogger Pants.

And now, let’s see top 10 things teenagers buy.

10. Mugs

lowest price: $3.99

Dear girls buy one of the Amazon’s Mugs and make your mornings infinitely better. After all, is there anything more satisfying than to start a day with a big mug of coffee?

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Pixabay/Public Domain

9. Fidget Spinners

lowest price: $3.49

So, what makes teenagers crazy about these little toys which rank 9th on our list of teen things to buy on Amazon? Some use ‘em to relax; some even claimed they are “perfect for ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and autism.” While the second one is questionable, there’s no doubt that they’re fun!

8. Phone Cases

lowest price: $2.98

Nowadays it seems that smartphones and iPhones are an extension of teens’ hands. In most cases, it’s probably the most valuable thing they own, not just figuratively speaking. So, with phone cases, they are not only protecting their “wealth” but also expressing their style – just check out this luxury case for iPhone. In case this one is too shiny for you, opt for this rubber case for Apple iPhone 6.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Pixabay/Public Domain

7. Hoodies

lowest price: $2.39

How many times you’ve seen a group of 15-year-olds wearing tick hoodies, jeans, and puffy vests, and wondered why on Earth do they wear heavy clothing in the middle of the summer when it’s like hundred degrees outside? Are teens doing it only because adults think that’s inappropriate, or there’s something else to it? Maybe they just want to look tough and hard or at least like Chance the Rapper. Nevertheless, a hoodie, the number 7 on our list of teen things to buy on Amazon, is a mix of functional, cozy and comfortable, and above all, it’s perfect for (almost) all activities.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Pixabay/Public Domain

6. Temporary Tattoos

lowest price: $1.95

Temporary tattoos rank 6th on teen things to buy on Amazon list. They are easiest and painless way to get a tattoo you’ll never regret. After all, it only lasts between a few days and two weeks. Amazon’s bestsellers definitely look real. At least for some time.

5. Books

lowest price: $0.30 (paperback)

It’s a fact that reading is good for the soul. There’s even such thing as bibliotherapy. So, dear teenagers don’t forget that reading can be delightful and pleasurable and that it’s far from boring. Speaking of enjoyable, The Dangerous Book for Boys is a great choice for adventurous teenage boys, while Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: Stories of Life, Love and Learning would be a great gift for any teen girl. Unsurprisingly, the books are one of the best things to buy on Amazon.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon


4. Tattoo Chokers

lowest price: $0.69

It’s been a few years since the 90’s chokers were back, but still, many teen ladies are just lovin’ it. If you want to have an edgy look, plastic tattoo chokers are a perfect choice.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Unsplash/Public Domain

Are you ready for the top three teen things to buy on Amazon?

3. Room Decor

lowest price: $0.15

Once again, we are talking about different ways teens are expressing their personality. So, we all know that teens’ bedrooms are the “safe zones” for them. Since most of them are design-conscious and keep an eye on the latest trends, you can expect to see innovative materials, exciting designs and various colors in a ten square meters of their kingdom. For girls, we recommend the DIY project or throw pillows and for rebellious boys this wooden sign.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon


2. Board Games

lowest price: $0.01

Put down your cell phones and expand your mind while playing one of the many board games available on Amazon. Call your friends, order a pizza, and let the fun begin. For those who like to sing we recommend the “Spontaneous – The Song Game” and for those who rather solve secrets, “Codenames” is perfect.

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon


And finally, the number one on our list of teen things to buy on Amazon…

1. Video Games

lowest price: free/$0.01

We’re not going to debate negative and positive effects of video games on teens because it’s a story old as video gaming itself. We’re just going to ask you – PlayStation or XBox?

Teenage Things to Buy on Amazon

Minerva Studio/

This wraps it up for our list of top teen things to buy on Amazon. Hope you find it useful. And now, let’s go shopping!