8 Things Teens Buy the Most

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Have you ever wondered what things teens buy the most? Whether you’re a parent looking to figure out how your youngsters are spending their allowance and summer job salaries, or a clueless adult looking for a stocking-stuffer for your teenaged relative, this list can definitely shed light on these teenagers’ spending habits, and personal preferences.

This list was based on the available data from US-based asset management firm Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual survey on US teens. The survey, “Taking Stock with Teens”, is curated at spring and fall of every year and is intended for the use of companies and business owners looking for what the most profitable businesses are with this demographic as the target market.  Every year, the company surveys between 4,000 and 7,000 teenagers across the country from varying household incomes to find out where the bulk of their money goes.

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The items on this list are ranked according to the average score they got on the Piper Jaffray rankings for 2014 Spring and Fall survey results as well as the survey results from the Spring 2015 period.

So, which things top the list of teenagers’ spending?

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