17 Best Facebook Pages to Follow in 2018

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Assume you’ve chosen to internally deny facebook’s inherent assholeness about violating your privacy rights. Don’t have to assume? Ok. So if you’re still on this damn site every day we might help you there. Turns out there are still a few pages worth your time on there.

The 17 best Facebook pages to follow in 2018 represent a diverse group of popular personalities, companies, and businesses, showcasing those with the most appeal among Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)‘s huge global audience.

Whether you want to get daily inspiration and motivation, to check out some tasty recipes, or just to have fun following your favorite celebrity, facebook pages are where you’re going to find all of that since those are places where people share their ideas and expertise. So, a Facebook page is a public profile created in order to market or represent a business, personality, product, etc. However, since Facebook is a large black hole full of all kinds of stuff, we occasionally tend to read other people’s confessions wondering if they’re true as well as to follow clickbait headlines, right?

Best Facebook Pages to Follow in 2018

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That’s why the smartest thing to do is to start following another interesting Facebook page instead. So, don’t miss out the latest news and amusing jokes, memes, and videos anymore just because you are simply dying to see if your ex’s new girlfriend posted something new. You should do quite the opposite, e.g., start following some of the aspiring social media influencers and pages that will broaden your mind, as well as those hilarious pages that will give you a good laugh (speaking of laughing, do check out 15 Most Popular Funny Facebook Pages). And in a split second, you’re going to forget all about your ex, or that annoying colleague who is posting not so adorable photos of her pet.

Facebook pages are easy and simple tools, which many companies use to promote their businesses, products, and ideas. They use them to connect and interact with their fans, customers, and followers. That’s called marketing on Facebook, where the main goal is to reach a targeted audience. On the other hand, celebrities and artists, for example, use them for self-promotion. After all, with more than 1.65 billion users who are active on a monthly basis, Facebook is a major player in the world of social networking. The bottom line is that communication and social connections are the fundamentals of social media, and the best thing when building a brand online is to attach to it a name, personality, and face; in other words, to make it recognizable.

In order to single out the best Facebook pages to follow in 2018, we turned to Trackalytics‘s selection of most liked fan pages, while Socialbakers provided us with some statistics. Our mission today was to give you the most interesting and diverse content, so we picked out the most popular Facebook pages by category. We used the number of likes on each Facebook page as a ranking tool. Once we got our list, we compared it with the best Facebook pages to follow 2017 list to see if there were some changes. To spare your time – they didn’t differ much. So, shall we start?

17. MIT

1 M

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the world’s premier universities for technology innovation and development. Here you can find out about the amazing research conducted there.

Best Facebook Pages to Follow in 2018

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