15 Most Popular Funny Facebook Pages

If you want to add some humor to your Facebook news feed, then you should really like some of the most popular funny Facebook pages from our list.

There is no doubt about it, Facebook is the biggest social media network in existence and 3rd most popular website in the world after Google and YouTube. It became more than just a website and turned into a phenomenon. Facebook currently has close to 2 billion users, around 1.3 billion being daily active. Some statistics even say that 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second. It is mind-blowing, I know. The great thing about Facebook is that everyone can find something that interests them. You can chat with your friends, see them via video chat, and share your everyday life. On top of that, you can stay in touch with everything that interests you. Music artists, actors, your favorite brands, they all have Facebook pages.  Facebook helps them to present their new work or products to users and helps you not to miss them. Also, there are pages that serve for entertainment or educational purposes. It is safe to say that if something interests you, there is probably a Facebook page for it. You just like the page, set the preferences on how often you would like their posts to appear on your news feed and that’s all.

15 Most Popular Funny Facebook Pages

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There are no official statistics on how many pages there are on Facebook, but it is believed that there are more than 65 million just in the business category. Not counting the social network’s own pages (Facebook for Every Phone has just under half of billion likes), Facebook page of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most popular one with more than 121 million people liking the page. The top ten list is mostly made of celebrities including Shakira and Eminem but for example Coca – Cola made it to second place with more than 108 million likes. If you want to know more about most popular pages and groups on Facebook, check out our list of Biggest Facebook Groups in 2017.

In order to create the list of most popular funny Facebook pages, we used SocialBakers statistics about the funny oriented pages while also checking out Trackalytics and their list of most liked Facebook pages to begin with in case the first source missed something. We browsed through the lists and singled out the pages that mostly post funny content, and ranked them according to the number of likes. If that doesn’t show how popular FB page is, we don’t know what will. We should note that we checked each page on Facebook to make sure the data about the number of likes is correct. Also, only the pages posting content in English were considered. Get ready for tons of laugh, we bet you’ll enjoy them as much as we. Let’s  start with the list of most popular funny Facebook pages.