16 Strongest, Most Popular Yankee Candle Scents in 2017

16 strongest, most popular Yankee Candle scents in 2017 will no doubt get you in the mood for fall if you aren’t already.

Most of the world knows that Yankee Candle is one of the most popular candle brands out there. Customers love their unique, delicious fragrances and their quality is also reportedly very high. Few customers report their Yankee Candle not smelling, but of course, much of it depends on what scent is your favorite and even how sensitive you are to smells. Yankee Candle sells dozens of scents, for all seasons and preferences.

To rank our candles, we came up with a scoring system with variables of candle ranking, candle reviews, and scent strength. We first headed to the Yankee Candle website and evaluated all of the scents by these factors. Thankfully this website has a precise and well-used customer review section, which made these factors easy to identify. We used the Large Classic Jar candles in each scent as our gauge. For ranking, each candle is given up to five stars according to its customer’s votes on the website. Since we were only ranking the most popular candles, we only counted candles that received over 4 stars from customers. Candles with 4 stars got 1 point in our system, 4.5 stars gave them 2 points, and 5 full stars gave them 3 points in this category.

16 Strongest, Most Popular Yankee Candle Scents in 2017

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But we also wanted to estimate the candle’s value by the number of reviews it received. (Because a 5-star ranking doesn’t mean much if only 2 people ranked it.) For this reason, we only counted candles with over 100 reviews. We gave the candle or scent 1 point if it had anywhere from 100-300 reviews, 2 points for 300-500 reviews and 3 points for over 500 reviews.

Scent strength was our last category since that’s in the title of this strongest, most popular Yankee Candle scents in 2017. For this, we combed through all the reviews made on the candle in 2017 looking for the word “strong” or variations of it. We gave 1 point for 1-5 combined mentions that the candle was strong, 2 points for 5-10 mentions and 3 points for over 10 mentions. We also only counted mentions that used “strong” in a positive way. (So reviews that said “this candle should have been stronger” did not count.)

But keep in mind that when you say a candle is strong, it can mean two things. It can mean that the candle’s scent is very potent (the kind that makes your nose tickle). Or it can mean that the candle’s scent has a nice throw (meaning you can still smell it from far away). Yankee Candles with strongest throw as well as the strongest scents are featured here. So if you’re wondering “do Yankee Candles lose their scents?” you’re probably safe going with one of these stronger candles just to be sure. But the Yankee Candle which smells the strongest won’t necessarily be the best-smelling, which is why scent strength wasn’t our only factor. We also scored the fragrances based on popularity, so even if strong scents aren’t your favorite, these candles are popular therefore you’re more likely to enjoy them. This way of scoring also took into account only the strongest and most popular scents of 2017 because we didn’t evaluate reviews from any other year for this category. With our system, the highest points possible was 9 with 3 points from each category. But the candle at the top of this list only received a score of 8.

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So what Yankee Candle has the best throw? Which scents are the most popular this year? Find out from our scoring system based on Yankee Candle scent reviews in our list of 16 strongest, most popular Yankee Candle scents in 2017 .