10 Best Fall Scented Candles at Bath and Body Works

Whet your craving for fall by browsing the 10 best fall scented candles at Bath and Body Works. Candles are one of the most comforting aspects of autumn, and Bath and Body Works serves as a haven for delightful fragrances of all types.

Since Bath and Body Works, along with their online site, mostly carries seasonal candles, we based our best fall candles on findings from Amazon, one of the most popular buying sites for new and interesting finds on the web. Our fall candles were chosen based on a search for fall candles with 5 stars. We only searched 3-wick candles and compared over 30 Bath and Body Works fall candles from the past and present such as Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, Sweet Cinnamon PumpkinHot Buttered Rum, and Leaves.

10 Best Fall Scented Candles at Bath and Body Works

Oksana Bystritskaya/Shutterstock.com

Our ranking is based on both the number of reviews given and star ranking, and though all candles on this list have five-star reviews, the more reviews they received, the higher they appeared on the list. For instance, number one had a higher number of five-star reviews than number 10.

However, keep in mind that this year, the famous scent company is likely to come up with a whole new array of beautifully scented fall candles yet to be discovered. They always bring back some of the old favorites, but there’s no way of knowing which ones will be available for purchase this year. (Follow Bath and Body Works on Facebook for news on seasonal fragrance release dates.)

But have no fear, there’s always the trusted Amazon (or other online retailers like eBay), where you can typically find even retired fragrances from far into the past. They might cost you a pretty penny, though.

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Get ready to take a nature walk through an autumn paradise by checking out the 10 best fall scented candles at Bath and Body Works.