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16 Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students

Motivation is something we can all use from time to time, and that is why we have created our unique list of 16 motivational speech ideas for highschool students. We really hope that all young, bright minds out there, will find our list ideas for motivational speech for students in English useful. Also, we would appreciate your help as well, so don’t shy away from leaving us comments at the end, telling us how did you like the list, and what motivational topics for students would you add.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students

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This is not the first time we are dealing with inspirational topics for youth, as we already have articles like 15 Motivational Speech Topics for Youth and 17 Controversial Debate Topics For Teenagers, so if you are looking for more interesting speech topics for students, check them out as well. Whether you are looking for those ideas because you would like to give a speech or you are just looking for some motivational stuff for yourself, we think our list will do the trick.

To create our list of great motivational speech ideas for highschool students, we’ve relied on Buzzle and Best Speech Topics, as well as our personal experience. If you find some of our suggestions too complex for highschool students, you better think again, because those students who are looking to give motivational speeches are usually more mature than their age, so we think they should be up to the challenge. Anyway, there are some easy persuasive speech topics on our list as well, so really hope there is something for everybody. We really have tried to be original and to create our list of unique speech topics. Please leave us a comment below and tell us which idea you find it best! Let’s start “easy” with our number 16.

16. Money Making Ideas

OK, for us totally unexpected suggestion, as when it comes to motivation we usually expect some altruistic motives, and not materialistic. But, thinking for a moment, we realized that this is a good idea, as money is always necessary, and it can be a great motivator. Find some great ideas for money making that will get your crowd going, but we advise to also explain to them that money should never be their final goal. Money should only be the means of achieving something else. If your final goal is to be rich, you will never be happy, as you can never be rich enough. Being rich shouldn’t be a goal, but earning money to go for a trip around the world, or to buy a house for your family to live in, could be great goals.

15. Learning a foreign language

Why should you learn a foreign language? Porque no? Or, in Spanish – why not? There are so many benefits of learning a foreign language, that you can really create a great speech about it and motivate your classmates for doing it. It’s no wonder we put it on our list of motivational speech ideas for highschool students, right?

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students


14. Life of Mother Teresa

Number 14 on our list of 16 motivational speech ideas for highschool students is dedicated to one generous soul – Mother Teresa. We think that just a biography of fantastic, inspiring people, who have done so much in various fields should be enough to motivate the rest of us to do the same. Her words can be a great addition to your speech:

“It is not how much we do,

but how much love we put in the doing.

It is not how much we give,

but how much love we put in the giving.”

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students

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13. Having faith

Before you move your head away, read what we have to say. This doesn’t have to necessarily concern religion. You can discuss faith in so many ways. And I think that most of us will agree that having faith, whether in God, in destiny, in Energy, or just in yourself, is something we all need. You can include some inspiring examples of people who achieved some incredible things, or cured from horrible diseases, done anything big, thanks to the faith they had.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students

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12. Life of Helen Keller

Another truly inspiring person on our list, Helen Keller. Did you hear of her? In case you haven’t, she was a woman who, due to an illness, has gone blind and deaf when she was just a baby. Imagine that. But she has managed to overcome her handicaps; she has learned to read Braille, to speak, she became an author, lecturer, and was the first deaf-blind person to go to university and earn a bachelor of arts degree. This is, in short, so find more about her life and you will get inspired for sure.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students

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11. How to help save the planet?

Of course, you can’t go wrong with ecology when it comes to motivational speeches. Talk about recycling and renewable sources of energy and motivate your classmates to help save the planet.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students


10. Overcoming the obstacles – Personal experience

We feel when you need to inspire someone, the best thing is to talk from your heart; that is why 10th among our 16 motivational speech ideas for highschool students is the one that is based on your personal experiences. No one is born under the lucky star that has made their life so easy, not having to overcome some difficulties. Talk about the problems you have resolved, and motivate others to do the same.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students


9. Getting back to nature

It’s only natural that we feel good surrounded by wilderness. Getting in touch with all that is natural to us can help us resolve many issues. Find examples of people changing their life to better when they turned back to nature, and discuss them.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students


8. Becoming a winner

The truth is – we all like to win. If we are entering any competition, none of us wishes to be the last one. So how to become a winner? What defines a winner? What qualities must one have? Are you born as a winner or do you become one? An inspiring story about a winner in sports can be Chrissie Wellington, four-time World Ironman Champion. If you don’t know anything about her, we suggest you read it.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students

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7. Albert Einstein’s Contributions to the Scientific World

Is there a need to say something more about this motivational idea?

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students


6. The Power of Habit

Just read the book called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg, and you are going to have plenty to talk about. Spoiler alert – you can never erase a habit, you can just replace it with another one. If you want to know more, just read the book, it will provide with a great tool that will help you change your life. Very inspirational.

5. Eating healthy

We don’t think there has ever been this much talk about healthy food as it is today. Suddenly, there are vegans around every corner. But not just vegans, there are raw foodists, there are various diets such as macrobiotics, Chrono, and who knows what. If you think that this is just a modern trend, think again, because it is a fact that we have contaminated the soil, and the food we are eating is not as healthy as it was centuries ago. So, organic food can be one part of the story, one idea for your speech. We are sure you can find them many more, all regarding our healthy diet.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students


4. Helping others – what can we do together

4th on our list of 16 motivational speech ideas for highschool students is an altruistic one. We suggest that you find some examples of people getting together and doing humanitarian work, helping after some natural disasters, for example, and inspire people to stand together for some greater cause.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students

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And now, let’s see the top three on our list of motivational speech ideas for highschool students, shall we?

3. The Power of Positive Thinking

If you are not aware of what can be achieved with only positive thinking, we suggest you read the book The Secret, or just watch the movie. After, we are sure you will have plenty to talk about and inspire others to always think positive so that they can attract only positive events into their life.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students


2. The Power of Now

You may say that we are just giving you homework in the form of the books you should read or check out, but if you really want to give an amazing speech, you need to research your topic well. This idea is also from the book with the same title. And the main idea is simple – live in the present moment. Don’t allow your thoughts about the past or about the future to take over your life. Enjoy the very present, don’t wait for something, or regret something. Just be. OK, we oversimplified everything, but it is not our job to tell you the entire book. Go ahead, and check it out. We guarantee you will have many inspiring things to tell afterward.

1. How to balance your life

If you have mastered all the previous topics or at least some of them, then you can get your hands on this one. You can motivate the people to find balance in their life by thinking positive, living in the present moment, being financially secure, eating healthy, etc. Help them understand that there are many aspects of our lives, and all of them require our time. We need to respond to all our needs and find the perfect balance between every one of them so that we can live in peace. Combine all these ideas, and you will have a great motivational speech.

Motivational Speech Ideas for Highschool Students

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Did you like our list of 16 motivational speech ideas for highschool students? Which one is your favorite? What would you add? Please leave a comment below and help us improve our list!