15 Motivational Speech Topics for Youth

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If you’re looking for suggestions on what would be a good speech topic then stick with our list of 15 motivational speech topics for youth.

Words have the power to bring us down and to lift us up. They can tear us apart completely but they can help us heal, too. We have all probably been in situations when we felt let down, disappointed, depressed, and unable to move on with our lives. In such situations, we feel stuck in our horrible present and without any possibility to move forward and continue living. We simply exist, stripped off all dreams and hopes. That is when a word of comfort comes handy. A few words have such a power that they can completely change the way we perceive the world. Those comforting words can come from a friend, a parent, or teacher. But we treasure them because they help us stand up and dust ourselves off. Some seem to have the natural ability to comfort people with words. They simply know the right things to say and the right moment to say. Perhaps it’s a gift or something, but thanks to these people we go through bad moments more easily. Such people we call motivational speakers.

A motivational speaker aims to inspire you to make a change in your life and have a better future. An excellent motivational speaker can even give you the strength and energy to continue with your life and motivate you to create the life you want. Motivational speakers convey important messages in such a way that we feel strong enough to make positive changes when we listen to them, and we feel as if there’s no stopping us. Talented speakers have the possibility to become professional motivational speakers and help people with the power of words. They give motivational speeches to various groups of people and aim to motivate them to improve their lives. You can read more about the importance of motivational speakers on Storify.

Motivational speeches are highly appreciated in everyday life, too. A good motivational speech given by your boss can really boost productivity and inspire you to try harder. Some employers even hire motivational speakers to motivate employees to do a better job. In school, a teacher can motivate you to study harder and strive to do your best. All in all, we need words.

Giving a motivational speech is not easy. It takes courage and ability to inspire the listeners. You need to influence your audience so as to make an impact. If you have an upcoming speech that you have to prepare for at school, college, or another occasion, and you need ideas for great topics, you came to the right place. In one of our previous articles, we wrote about 17 Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers which may inspire you if you have a debate to prepare. Today, with the help of Buzzle and Best Speech Topics, we selected the best speech topics for young people that tackle some of the most burning questions of modern society. Here are our 15 motivational speech topics for youth.

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