16 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

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Cats are among the most popular pets but do you know which the most expensive cat breeds in the world are? Cat lovers have now taken the internet by storm to show their love for their furry friends, and judging by the bombardment of cat internet memes and videos of the cutest of videos we experience every day, it is safe to say that cat lovers are now a solidarity in internet community. So much so that the “Crazy Cat Lady” tag is also a badge to proudly flaunt on the social network! But little could we have guessed that the certain ball of cuteness that made our hearts burst with joy in that internet meme we saw could might as well have burned a big hole in our pockets to actually own. A hole as big as $20,000! Insane, right? But, that is exactly what some cats from a specific breed can cost you.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

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Some breeds of cats are costlier than others depending on the intelligence, rarity and purity of the breeds. Also, the prices vary across the same breeds sometimes depending upon the training of the animal. Trained cats are generally priced higher than others. However, cat lovers are willing to spend thousands of dollars to own their favorite breeds of cats. Sometimes, cats are also seen as a status symbol for the upper class and the elite. Elitist cat enthusiasts not only prefer to go an extra mile in choosing the costliest cats as their pets but also spend lavishly on pampering their lovely pets. Hence, these cats also prove to be high maintenance with their food and grooming products come from the best imported brands. Of course, when you have an exotic feline as a pet, a lot of them might prefer to choose the 5 Most Expensive Cat Food Brands You Can Spoil Your Kitty With.

Let’s get down to checking out the most beautiful and most expensive cat breeds in the world that every cat lover dreams of petting someday! Check out our list here!

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