16 Least Racist Countries in the World in 2018

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We are walking through the 21st century for quite some time now, and discussing racism is not just our right, but also our duty, and that’s why we decided to make a list of least racist countries in the World in 2018.

To be honest, even though nowadays most of the countries in the world have legal instruments to fight racism, still, there are places where those ‘different’ are far from accepted. In such places, some people think they are superior, and that feeling and their “strength” is based on differences in skin color, nationality as well as culture. However racism is, in the first line, an individual thing, and by labeling a country as racist, we are stereotyping. That’s why deciding on which country is racist and which isn’t is an ungrateful job. It really gets tricky when you try to understand which country is truly open-minded, and which isn’t because there are frequent cases of friendships between people of different skin colors, but when it comes to love relationships, this number is significantly reduced. Furthermore, it is a reason why we sought help from various forums like Quora and Reddit, each time we are dealing with this subject. Our main goal is to catch a glimpse of what the public has to say on the subject, as we managed to do in 12 Most Racist Countries Against Blacks in the World. Sometimes, we base our methodology on different studies and reports as evidenced in 15 Most Racist Countries in Europe. Either way, in both cases, we used really sad statistics and opinions in order to point out to the world that racism is still very much alive and that we are not doing enough to prevent it. There is no place for prejudice in this world; in this melting pot of cultures, races, and ethnicities.

Least Racist Countries in the World in 2018


What’s even sadder is that even 57% of citizens of the country which is (nowadays) a pioneer in fighting racism think their leader is a racist, although he claimed to be the least racist person. On the other occasion, he put African nations, El Salvador and Haiti in the same sentence with the words ‘shithole countries‘. It’s up to you to decide on whether Mr. President is a racist or not, but have in mind that denial is, as mental health experts claim, one of the common defense mechanisms. So, to round up – one swallow does not make a summer, or in this case scenario, the words of one man are definitely not a reflection of the opinion of a whole nation, as you will see later on our list. However, the question remains: what’s with that other 43%?

On the other hand, there are many countries whose citizens are more than happy to meet different people from all around the world, and if you want to know which Europian countries are just like that, well we made it easy — you can read all about that in 10 Least Racist Countries in Europe in 2017. After you’re done reading our today’s list, you can make some comparisons with this one.

The truth is that we all belong to only one race, and that’s the human one. Depending on what our origin is, the color of the skin varies from light to dark, and the main reason is the process of adaption to the climatic conditions. A long time ago scientists agreed on one thing — apart from visual differences, there are no other biological differences between people.

So, we started our research on least racist countries in the world in 2018 with The Washington Post’s map. Although it isn’t the most accurate measurement, it does show dominant public opinion. Basically, participants in more than 80 countries are asked what kind of person they’d want as a neighbor and based on their answers the countries were ranked as more or less tolerant of different races. Since this is the data from 2013, we decided to update it with our little survey. So we checked Quora as well and finally singled out 16 countries with lowest racism rate using both resources. To rank them properly, we used hate crimes statistics for each country; thus we consulted OSCE‘s and FBI‘s reports on the number of hate crimes. The data used is the latest we could find, and since racism is an issue that doesn’t change easily, we can assume that rankings are almost the same for the past few years. So, let’s start with our list of least racist countries in the world in 2018.

16. The UK

The United Kingdom is if not the greatest, then at least one of the greatest countries that colonized vast territories of the globe throughout history. Furthermore, racism was very much present in colonized countries, as well. However, the country managed to end up on our list of least racist countries in the world in 2018. How did that happen? The thing is that during the last few decades, people from all over the world came to this country because of the good job market. And the best part is that this country accepted them. Maybe now, the British want to make it right and to do quite the opposite to what they did through history. As it seems to us, nowadays in British culture exists an element of respecting every human being. However, that doesn’t mean that racism is not present in this country since, in 2016, 62 831 racism related crimes were reported. This does seem like a large number, but compared to other countries the UK still managed to take place on our list. Anyway, if you want to get to the UK as a tourist, or even to move there be sure that you will get a good and equal treatment.

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