16 Inexpensive Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends

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If you are out of ideas for cheap graduation gifts, we hope to narrow your choices here, so let’s go through our suggestions for inexpensive graduation gift ideas for friends!

Really, now, what would a fresh graduate like to get mostly form friends as a graduation gift? Well, first, of course, it all depends on personal interests and tastes. Of course, a great idea for a gift would be something useful that has to do with their profession. For example, an archaeologist would be delighted to get a new trowel, a painter would fancy a new set of brushes, for example. But there are some general things that everyone needs, and that are nice and cheap university graduation gift ideas. We are here to see some of those.

inexpensive graduation gift ideas for friends


So, how did we manage to pick the 16 inexpensive graduation gift ideas? First, we have searched for graduation gifts under $10 and found some ideas on Bustle. Then, we have sought for generally cheap graduation gifts for friends on US News, Kalyn Brooke, and The Good Stuff.

But, having the price in mind, of course, we have put more attention to something more unique. So, we have sought some cute graduation gifts for friends and DIY graduation gifts for students. And on this matter, we have gotten some ideas from Real Simple, Shutterfly and Brit. We have also tried to make a decent list of gifts that could apply for both freshly graduated boys and girls.

Here we are suggesting the ideas for cheap college graduation gifts from friends. If you are a parent, on the other hand, a better idea would be to check out the 15 Best College Graduation Gifts From Parents, or 10 Sentimental Graduation Gifts for Daughter. But we will not get sentimental now. We would rather propose something more unique and fun, so check out which inexpensive graduation gift ideas for friends we have picked for you now!

16. Gift Card

If you really do not want to try making something or spending time shopping, the simplest idea would be a gift card, where you can’t go wrong with the choice. But if you want to surprise your friend, this might not be the cheapest idea.

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