10 Sentimental Graduation Gifts for Daughter

10 sentimental graduation gifts for daughter will help you nail the difficult task of figuring out what to get your sweet daughter for her graduation.

She probably told you she just wanted money as a gift when you asked, but how bland is that? You know you’ve always wanted to give her something meaningful and personal for her graduation instead. But what? What will she love more than the money? What can she keep forever to remember you by?

Especially if your daughter is going off to college after this, or moving away to a fancy new job. You’ll want to get her something special. To thank her for being a great student. To say goodbye and wish her luck. To remind her that you’ll always be there for her. All this mushy stuff might not be on her mind right now. Maybe she’s just concerned with being done and starting fresh after that. But now’s your chance to remind her through your heartfelt gift.

10 Sentimental Graduation Gifts for Daughter

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There are actually many options, and below are just a few. We went to Etsy, the queen of all creative gifts, for help, and we found ten of the most personal, unique gifts a parent could give a daughter at a special time like this. A few items are a little pricey- but hey, this is a special occasion, right? Just like college graduation is as well. Speaking of college graduation don’t miss our article on Best College Graduation Gifts from Parents.

Don’t worry- we provided some inexpensive options as well. The items go from more on the pricey side at the top to the most inexpensive gift ever at the bottom. You could even combine two of these gifts if you like. She deserves it, right? Whether she’s graduating from high school, college or grad school, her heart will practically burst at your thoughtfulness when you give her one of these gifts. (We won’t tell anyone that we helped come up with the idea to give it.)

Graduation gifts can be tricky. Your daughter’s growing up and she’s been through a lot in school. You just want to reward her, while telling her how much she means to you. You don’t want it to be as mainstream as her yearly birthday money, and you’d rather it not be the same as all her classmate’s graduation gifts. But a daughter’s mind can be indecipherable at times. What she likes is often as unpredictable as her eye shadow color. But don’t stress it.

Here are 10 sentimental graduation gifts for your daughter that she’s sure to love. Please note that the images shown throughout the text do not correspond to the actual items, found on Etsy, but only serve an illustrative purpose. For more info on items we’ve provided links to the pages on Etsy where they are shown.