16 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs From Home

Getting up and heading into a workplace every day isn’t always an ideal option for everyone, which is why we’ve compiled this list of the highest paying part-time jobs from home.

Working from the comfort of your own bed at home, preferably in pajamas, is probably the dream work environment for most people. I can definitely say that it’s my favorite way to work, and while I don’t know if I’m more or less productive there, I’m certainly a lot more comfortable. I love the sentiment of getting up every day and going into an office because it feels quite professional and there’s free coffee, but I’ll admit I would sometimes want to sacrifice free coffee for the comfort of my 2014 Playbill pajamas and my king sized duvet. To be fair, I can mostly work anywhere with wifi.

16 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs From Home

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It seems like working from home is a pipe dream and only something the elite are able to do, but this list proves that idea wrong. You can even find part-time jobs that let you hang out at home, which is great for anyone who’s still in school or has children. Sometimes it’s easier to not have to physically go into a workplace every day and it makes much more sense to do work on your own time and in your own home. Some of these jobs may require a little prerequisite experience, so if you don’t have much you might want to first take a look at some of the highest paying part-time jobs with no experience if you’re on the hunt for a little extra cash.

In order to create this list of highest paying part-time jobs from home, we took a look at some suggestions from Remote and Workopolis. We separated out all the jobs that allow you to work from home since that’s the requirement for our list. Then, we looked at PayScale to collect data on how much each job earns hourly. These numbers may vary depending on location, but these are an average estimate. The jobs are ranked by median hourly wage, so those that pay the most are at the top of the list.

Keep on reading to find out what the highest paying part-time jobs from home are.