16 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs With No Experience

You might think a lack of experience means you can’t get a job, but this list of the highest paying part time jobs with no experience will show you otherwise.

Entering the workforce can be challenging when you don’t have marketable skills or experience. You could theoretically work at any retail store or fast food restaurant, but those places don’t necessarily pay well all the time, which can hurt your wallet if you have a lot of bills or responsibilities. When I got my first job while I was still in high school, I worked as a cashier at a grocery store because as a 16-year-old I didn’t have any other experience to be able to get a fancier job. At least that’s what I thought before taking a look at this list!

16 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs With No Experience

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It is, in fact, possible to have a better paying part-time job if you have no experience. Sure, there may be some age restrictions, so if you’re still in high school you might have to look carefully, but there are plenty of good options for all types of skill sets. Some of these options may also coincide with our list of the highest paying part-time jobs without a degree, which simply solidifies their positions on our list. The great thing about part-time jobs is they allow you to still have time to focus on other things, so if you’re still in school or you have children, there’s plenty of opportunity for good work/life balance. Some of these jobs may even offer benefits depending on the company you’re hired to work for, which can be a great option for anyone who doesn’t have health insurance or has children to insure.

In order to create this list, we checked out some reputable sources that gave job suggestions. We primarily looked at Payscale, Money Crashers, and The Spruce. We took jobs that appeared in all three sources to create our list. For ranking purposes, we looked at the hourly pay information from Payscale. The jobs that pay the most are at the top of our list.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the highest paying part time jobs with no experience.