16 Biggest Outlet Malls in America in 2018

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If you love shopping on a budget, then the list of 16 biggest outlet malls in America in 2018 will be very helpful to you.

Before we get deeper into the matter, let’s talk a little bit about the outlet malls. Well, if you are an avid shopper, then you already know that outlet mall shopping is quite different from the outlet warehouse store shopping experience. The drab, unattractive outlet stores had defective products, and everything was sold at a discount. In essence, the greater the discount for a specific product was, the more defects it had. While the outlet stores offered the cheapest shopping in USA, you could not be sure of the products you are buying. But modern-day outlet malls look much better and are located in much better locations. Although these modern outlet malls have improved a lot, they are still quite simple looking compared to modern shopping malls. However, you will get a hefty discount whenever you shop at an outlet mall. How do they manage to offer you a discount you ask? Well, in outlet malls the manufacturers of the given products sell their produce directly to the public, and thus they can afford to forego the middleman’s cut and sell products at a discounted price.

Biggest Outlet Malls in America in 2018

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In the past, we did make a similar list – The 10 Biggest Outlet Malls in USA, so recommend that you take a look at that list as well. However, it’s been a couple of years, and it’s time for an update. Also, if you live in New York City, then we have another great article for you – 5 Best Outlet Malls Near New York City which is up to date. Outlet malls in USA, have made a positive impact because of their competitive pricing. In the text below you are going to find quite a few outlet malls that are in the vicinity of your location. We cannot promise that you will have the best outlet shopping experience in USA, but what we can promise is that everything is much cheaper, that’s for sure. There are some items that you just cannot beat the outlet malls at. For example, the best place to go shopping for clothes is outlet mall without a shred of a doubt. You can always Google best outlet malls near me, but if you want to go shopping in some of the biggest outlet malls in the country, then you would do better if you stick to our list, and find the one closest to your location.

There are many outlet malls spread across the country, thankfully locating these malls was not that difficult. We primarily used help from websites like Outlet Bound, The Balance and Premium Outlets. We also used Google’s search engine for finding out additional information about the outlet malls. For ranking, we used the number of outlet stores, the higher number of outlet stores an outlet mall has, the higher we have placed it on our list.

All that said, it is now time to unveil the list of biggest outlet malls in America in 2018.

16. Jersey Shore Premium Outlets

Number of stores: 111

Phone: (732) 918-1700

Address: One Premium Outlets Blvd, Tinton Falls, NJ, 07753

Notable outlet stores: Coach, Kate Spade New York, Gap Factory Store, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger

You can expect around 25% to 65% daily discounts in these stores.

Biggest Outlet Malls in America in 2018

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