5 Best Outlet Malls Near New York City

We all want to save some money while improving our wardrobes, which is why this list of the 5 best outlet malls near New York City is a great resource.

Spending money is one of my least favorite things. I love shopping, but paying full price for literally anything is not my idea of a fun time. So anytime I actually go shopping I’m always sure to look for sales and coupons so my bank account doesn’t scream at me. I’m supposed to be putting money in my savings account and I’ll be damned if Chase closes it again because there’s no money in it.

5 Best Outlet Malls Near New York City


Outlet malls typically have designer brands at a much cheaper cost. They’re usually “out of season” or maybe have minor damages to them that aren’t even noticeable to the average consumer. This means you can get big brand names for way less money than at a normal mall and stock up on the stuff you like. Brands don’t really mean too terribly much, but sometimes the name also means you’re getting high-quality products, and no one wants to overspend just to have good quality clothing.

To grant you this list of best outlet malls near New York City, we checked out some recommendations from CBS New York and Outlet Bound, among others. To rank them, we took a look at customer ratings from Google Reviews. I can’t recommend this list to you enough if you’re looking to upgrade your spring wardrobe or stock up for next winter. You’ll save a bunch of money, too.

If you don’t live in or near New York City, be sure to take a look at our list of the 10 Biggest Outlet Malls in the USA. Keep reading for the 5 best outlet malls near New York City if you’re from the area, though: