16 Biggest Issues Facing America in 2020

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As we make a turbulent entrance into the third month of 2020, it is incredibly important to recognize the biggest issues facing America in 2020, so we can begin to take the first steps towards resolving them, particularly in light of the current political issues that the US had to go through.

The United States of America has always been historically marred by social, political or economic issues: ever since attaining Independence, the country has been tackling conflict and problems, but the most astounding characteristic of it is that it has always emerged victorious, accruing resilience and experience to take future obstacles head-on. It has countered its problems through innovation and strength and considering that it is one of the 10 countries that have invented the most things in all human history, this comes as no surprise.

Biggest Issues Facing America in 2018


From the civil war to the great depression to the political maelstrom of today that has the populace divided, America pulls through everything, in spite of the gravity of the problems it undergoes. From slavery, the pinnacle of a disgusting social divide that we today call racism, to 9/11, the most devastating act of terrorism to have occurred in the country in recent history, the US has pulled through it all. But every incident is bound to leave its footprints, however, faded they may be, and America is no exception to this rule. Even in these modern times, racism manages to peak through in the form of more subtle acts and has managed to hold its place on the list of current social issues, while terrorism is still a pressing predicament. To sum it up, America has indeed managed to curb its issues to become one of the superpowers of the world, but it is still not immune to some of the consequences these issues have brought with them. Thus we decided to compile for you a list of biggest problems in America today.

In this list, we’ll traverse through major issues in society, which will also incorporate important issues in the world that the US, unfortunately, shares with the rest. We referred to a Gallup poll, which asks Americans their opinion of the most important issue in the country, to formulate this list. We took into account the January 2020 results, and in case of ties in the ranking, we used the December results as tiebreakers. However, there were still further ties, in which case we have mentioned the same in the article.

The most important issues facing America today are certainly frightening, and unfortunately, not all of these will have direct and obvious solutions that can be executed in the short-term, but some of them do, and they also feature on our list of the 10 Most Important Issues and Problems Facing America that Can Be Solved. Surprisingly, drugs didn’t become part of our list even though America is one of the countries with the biggest drug problems in the world.

Now that the background is out of the way, let’s finally list down the biggest issues facing America in 2020:

15. National Security – 1%

I would have thought that with Trump focusing heavily on national security and the concept of “America First”, citizens would have been satisfied on this front but apparently not. National security continues to be one of the most important problems for Americans.

Biggest Issues Facing America in 2018

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