16 Biggest Facebook Groups in 2017

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Today, we look at the 16 biggest Facebook groups in 2017, which have massive fan followings and show us at a glance which celebrities, companies, and groups have the most staying power among people around the world.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is the number one social media website today. Even though we keep hearing that millennials are making a shift to Instagram and Snapchat and commentary continually tells us that Facebook has lost its mojo and will begin to decline, it actually grew at a faster pace in 2016 than ever before as a public company. One of the problems that Facebook does face is that its marketing and advertising has not been as effective as other channels.

16 Biggest Facebook Groups In 2017

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However, the social media website is still a popular place to achieve organic marketing and connect directly with one’s target audience. People like to connect with their favorite celebrities, brands, and even local businesses on Facebook organically. This helps fans keep themselves updated with the latest events, launches and more, and essentially functions as free advertising.

It has become essential for everyone with a public presence to create a Facebook group. Positive word of mouth and original content helps create a great fan base for celebrities. Even a local bakery making awesome pastries has a Facebook group, and it is driving a loyal fan base to connect with the business and generate long-term value. Having a Facebook group increases your chances of connecting with people who care about you or your business.

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The biggest Facebook groups boast millions of members and are always bustling with activity. These groups promote camaraderie among group members and keep engaging their audience. Often, the most popular groups belong to celebrities, sports clubs, and big brands. The official Facebook accounts of these celebrities contain hundreds of candid pictures of film personalities and sports stars, who do everything they can to keep their audience glued to their groups. You can also read about the 11 Biggest Facebook Groups in 2015.

In our list, we will be introducing you to the 16 biggest Facebook groups in 2017, which have huge followings and great engagement. In this year’s list, we feature sports personalities, musicians, and even popular sporting clubs that are loved by fans all over the world. Let’s check out our list and find out who the most popular people and groups are on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), beginning on the next page.

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