11 Biggest Facebook Groups in 2015

Today we explore 11 biggest Facebook groups in 2015. These are the fan pages that are setting the trends for this year and examples of Internet marketing done right.

JaysonPhotography / Shutterstock.com

JaysonPhotography / Shutterstock.com

Despite recent setbacks, diminishing popularity among younger users, and ever present rumors of its imminent demise, Facebook remains number one on the list of the 10 most used social media websites today. Ever since the disastrous IPO in 2012, when Facebook went public, every now and then analysts have been predicting collapse of the Mark Zuckerberg’s empire.  And yet, not only has it not gone down, the company has managed to remain at the top. With almost one billion users and market worth of over $200 billion, Facebook is going strong and setting up standards along the way.

Today, any public career is unimaginable without social media presence. Our list of biggest Facebook groups is a clear testimony to that. Even Facebook has a Facebook group and it is ranked highly on the list. Some of the biggest names in TV, sports, movies and music industry are also on the list, proving how much value they place on social media. Football clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona FC owe much of its popularity overseas to their excellently managed Facebook pages. Well, that and playing some great football as well. On the other hand, plenty of clubs play great football and they aren’t on the list. Not a single English or Italian club made it to top 11 among Facebook users.

NBA is also not present, with either clubs or players gathering enough likes to be placed on the list. Musicians scored big though, with 3 out of 11 entries, followed by one actor and one athlete.  See below who else made it on the list of 11 biggest Facebook groups in 2015.

11. Real Madrid FC

Number of fans: 80.57 million

We kick off with Real Madrid football club. With more than 80 million likes, they are the second most popular sport club on Facebook.