16 Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time

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The Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time are the ones who have enchanted us for years. They have been singing and dancing their way into our hearts and have carved an everlasting niche for female performers in the world stage and have made the all female vocal bands format something that is here to stay. Well, girl groups have seen better and worse days in their years, but they certainly cannot be ignored! Ever since the radio era emerged and pioneering acts such as The Andrew Sisters and Supremes took the world by storm, girl power in the world music scene has been more than established with a strong fist.

Kelly Roland, Michelle Williams, Beyonce Knowles Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time

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And, soon after came the British Invasion, this time for girl groups! Britain’s music scene served as a springboard for female groups as record companies started training girl bands and their popularity rose beyond bounds worldwide. This was the time when the Spice Girls rose to fame. Every little girl in some corner of the world dreamt of joining a girl group back then and teenage boys were swooning to the charms of these perfectly lovely ladies. While girl bands were also known for their unparalleled vocal abilities and harmonization skills.

After a success spree by the American girl bands, the current frenzy might have seemingly decreased for idol groups over the world, but this time around Asian girl groups emerged, determined to change the dynamics of female performers forever. The popularity of Asian groups has spread across the world and seems to be gathering steam every day, making current times one of the best phases of the evolution of girl bands ever. The digital sales have also fuelled the phenomenon. We’ve therefore compiled our list to include the totals of the physical sales and digital sales made worldwide by respective girl groups over the years they have been active to arrive at our rankings of the best-selling girl groups of all time.

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Girl bands might be bigger than ever, and even as Britain gears up for a fresh bout of successful girl bands with bands like Little Mix shaking up the scene, some of the veterans have created numbers that are extremely hard to overthrow. Read on to find out about the biggest girl groups ever!

16. En Vogue

Country: United States

Record Sales: 20 million

R&B girl group En Vogue did fairly well on the charts in the 90s with hit singles like “Hold On” and “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get it) still being quite popular on R&B numbers. With a trail of awards and accolades the girls’ contribution to R&B music is irreplaceable.

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